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$BLAST Listing On Upbit And Coinbase Sparks $BLUR Market Activity And Controversy

At 2:00 PM UTC on June 26, $BLAST was officially listed on Upbit and Coinbase, creating significant buzz in the crypto market.

Those who had staked $BLUR received an airdrop of $BLAST, but many participants have raised concerns about the fairness of the distribution ratio.

Amid the excitement, prominent investor Machi Big Brother made headlines by spending 1,491 $ETH (approximately $5 million) to acquire 198.37 million $BLAST at a price of $0.025 shortly after its launch. This move follows his previous substantial investment, where he spent 4,975 $ETH ($15.6 million) to purchase 8.6 million $FRIEND between May 3 and June 8, which resulted in a significant loss exceeding $10 million.

Simultaneously, the market saw a large influx of $BLUR tokens being deposited on centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as Upbit and Binance. A notable $25 million worth of $BLUR has been moved to these platforms. This activity included 675 small wallets collectively depositing $17.7 million.

Some Notable Large $BLUR Transaction And Price Action To Monitor 

Specific large transactions include:

– Wallet 0x51c7, associated with Wintermute, deposited $3.5 million worth of $BLUR to Binance.
– Wallet 0x8228 deposited 9.6 million $BLUR (approximately $2.07 million) to Binance, after staking for seven months and recording a loss of $2.17 million (-51.2%).
– Wallet 0x8bc11 transferred 8.04 million $BLUR (around $1.8 million) to Binance, also after a six-month staking period that ended in losses.

In just the past three hours, numerous other wallets have followed suit, contributing to a 15% decline in $BLUR’s price over the last 24 hours.

This flurry of activity highlights the volatility and rapid shifts in the cryptocurrency market, particularly surrounding new listings and major transactions by influential investors.

As $BLAST begins trading on major exchanges, the market will be closely watching how these developments unfold and their broader impact on both $BLAST and $BLUR tokens.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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