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Blast_L2 Airdrop Shatters Records With $1.23M In Daily Fees

This week, the Blast_L2 airdrop made a historic impact, breaking records across the board. Daily fees soared to an unprecedented $1.23 million, marking a 2400% increase from the previous day and surpassing the total of $1.05 million from the entire past week.

This spike in activity represents 7% of all fees ever generated on the Blast_L2 network, which amounts to $18.1 million.

The Blast_L2 Ecosystem Weekly Overview revealed significant growth metrics: the total unique active wallets (UAW) surged to 609,670, an increase of 7.25%, and the volume of decentralized applications (Dapps) reached an impressive $3.2 billion.

BLAST Has Secured Top Largest Community Allocation, See Comparison 

Blast_L2 has secured the second-largest community allocation among recently launched Layer 2 (L2) solutions. Here’s how Blast compares with other recent L2 launches, specifically $STRK, $ZK, and $MANTA:

– Community Allocation: $ZK leads with 50%, followed by $BLAST with 18%, $STRK with 67%, and $MANTA with 36%.
– Reserve Allocation: $ZK has 8%, $BLAST has 32%, with $STRK at 0% and $MANTA at 14%.
– Private Investors: $MANTA and $BLAST both have 17%, $STRK has 19%, and $ZK has 24%.
– Team Allocation: $STRK allocates 26%, $BLAST 31%, $ZK 16%, and $MANTA 18%.

These figures underscore the robust community support and financial backing of Blast_L2. The recent airdrop and resulting record-breaking activity highlight Blast_L2’s growing prominence in the Layer 2 ecosystem, setting a high bar for future developments and competitor comparisons.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.

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