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Blockchain Gaming Enters a new era as Earning Ether Becomes a Possibility

Several years ago, many people assumed that blockchain gaming was a fad. Today, it has become a very prominent business model in which competition continues to heat up.

It appears that another game is trying to make its impact on this industry.

Transforming the Blockchain Gaming Industry

Known as Cryptower, it is a build-and-destroy type of game.

Users can build and destroy blocks in towers with PVP combat and can be accessed through the browser.

Ultimately, the developers want to let everyone earn Ether in the process.

It is especially this latter aspect that will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention.

Cryptower is also a very different take on blockchain gaming in general.

Most projects in this space focus on collectibles, gaming, or trading card gameplay.

All of those options are viable and popular, yet they need to be competed with. 

Cryptower is an example of what the future may hold for blockchain gaming in general. 

By levering Ethereum’s blockchain and smart contracts, a different type of gaming can be achieved.

There is a lot more to blockchain gaming than most people imagine.

It will take a while until the full potential is unlocked, yet this app shows what can be done with little effort.

It is by no means a way to get rich quick, although there appear to be ways to generate a minor profit. 


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