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Blur Token ($BLUR) Demonstrates Resilient Bullish Trend

In recent times, the price of Blur Token ($BLUR) has been consistently shaped by positive market conditions, and today is no exception.

The bullish trajectory of Blur Token is evident over the past few months, showcasing impressive performance metrics. Over the last 90 days, $BLUR has surged by an astonishing 269%, with a 51% increase in the past month, a 43% rise in the last 7 days, and a notable 15% uptick in the past 24 hours.

An interesting trend emerges as $BLUR tends to experience price surges following token unlocks. Today, a 15% surge was observed after a new token unlock. Notably, 49.46 million $BLUR tokens, equivalent to $31.9 million, were released from the lockup contract and promptly transferred to Coinbase for distribution just a few hours ago. Since June 15, 2023, a substantial total of 534.7 million $BLUR tokens, now valued at $349 million, have been unlocked.

More Notable Whale BLUR Movements To Monitor 

Adding to the market dynamics, Machi Big Brother has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency scene. Starting from November 23, 2023, he initiated the purchase of $BLUR, accumulating a total of 11.8 million $BLUR tokens (equivalent to $6 million) at an average price of $0.51. 

Simultaneously, he engaged in transactions involving $APE, buying 6.12 million $APE tokens ($9.34 million) and staking them since August 2, 2023. Later, he strategically sold 6.5 million $APE tokens ($10.4 million) at an average price of $1.60 since November 24, 2023. Currently holding 250,000 APE ($358,000), Machi Big Brother has secured a profit of $1.4 million.

As Blur Token maintains its resilient bullish trend, these market movements and strategic transactions contribute to the ongoing narrative of $BLUR’s robust performance in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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