Brave Redirected Users to its Binance Referral Link for an Unknown Period of Time

A good controversy in the cryptocurrency industry is never far away. Brave, the browser renowned for its ad blocking and anti-tracking solution, is effectively redirecting Binance users to its own referral links. 

While many users are impressed by Brave, the browser’s source code hides something interesting.

Deceptive Practices by Brave Developers?

It shows that, when users browser the Binance website, they are automatically redirected to a referral link.

For existing users, this won’t matter much.

Newcomers, however, will indirectly sponsor the Brave team’s funds if they sign up for a Binance account and actively use it. 

Why this deceptive effort was in the source code, remains a bit unclear.

It does not affect any other exchanges either, further adding fuel to the fire. 

Such blatant intent to spread a referral link and forcing users to go through it does raise a lot of questions.

An approach like this can set a dangerous precedent, and one that will backfire on Brave sooner or later.

Thankfully, the developers issued an update to remove the referral link altogether.

That said, Brave has been around for over  a year, thus they undoubtedly raised a lot of funds through these deceptive practices.

From a credibility point of view, this is a major blunder by the Brave team, for obvious reasons.


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