Brave Desktop Browser now has a Native Binance Widget

Integrating more functionality into a web browser is always a good way to increase market share. The Brave team acknowledges that, as it now has its own built-in Binance Widget. 

For most browsers, accessing extra functionality requires plugins or extensions.

Brave x Binance Support

Most of those projects are perfectly legitimate, but there are some fake offerings out there as well.

Avoiding extra software to be installed is always a better course of action.

The Brave team acknowledges that built-in features will often work best.

As such, the new desktop browser version grants access to Binance trading.

This is achieved through a native widget.

The widget has been in testing for over a full month and is now ready to be used on a broader scale.

Binance is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world today.

It is the first time that the Brave browser will offer such functionality to its 13.5 million monthly active users. 

To interact with the widget, users need to link it tot heir existing exchange account first. 

Assets held on Binance can be traded and sold with a few clicks.

This widget works for both the regular Binance platform, as well as the Binance.US exchange.


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