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Can this AI Crypto Gem live up to GameFi Projects like Axie Infinity or The Sandbox?

Blockchain games have been a good investment since their inauguration. Normally are embedded with the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem and have a say in the moderation of attracting various users in the global space. Participants in these platforms acquire rewards during pre- and after-gaming periods. Axie Infinity and the Sandbox are some of the few games that have incorporated the play-to-earn method. Avorak Crypto has the potential to expand the two crypto games exponentially through its advanced AI systems.

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based decentralized gaming metaverse generated in 2018. It enhances crypto lovers’ know-how in developing, using, selling, and monetizing their virtual reality non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  The developers behind the sandbox ecosystem believed the game’s main aim is to actively give participants power and actual ownership of their created tokens in the form of NFTs and then guarantee them rewards for partaking in the environment.  

The blockchain game is pegged to the Ethereum network and has functionalities embedded in the virtual universe. The native tokens of the ecosystem are ASSET, which represents in-game equipment such as avatars, and SAND token, which acts as a transactional base where users can actively participate in purchasing lands, interacting with other users, and staking opportunities.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a decentralized game and a digital pet society where users can purchase creatures dubbed Axies and use them to compete with other users, breed, and explore other Axies. The game project was inaugurated by an organization known as Sky Mavis (Gaming corporation). Axie infinity runs through the main net of the Ethereum ecosystem.

AXS is the native digital currency of Axie Infinity as it undertakes several essential functions such as staking, governance, and rewarding users in the environment.

Avorak Aims to Improve Axie and Sandbox

Avorak, an artificial intelligence and blockchain-based project, aims to improve the usability and the number of users of the two decentralized play-to-earn games (Axie Infinity and Sandbox). The platform has three sophisticated leaders in the technological and marketing sphere. In increasing trustworthiness and transparency in crypto operations, the platform has been comprehensively audited by CyberScoope and SolidProof.

The platform has an impeccable roadmap suggesting its development from the first phase to the last. Its native currency AVRK is considered significant as it partakes in fueling the ecosystem by rewarding the users and facilitating transactions. The 40 million tokens will be distributed among users and the team behind the project. There is also a deflationary mechanism to maintain balance in the system and reward AVRK holders in the long run.

Avorak has regarded writing and content generation, Avorak Write, as a mechanism that utilizes artificial intelligence in generating content. More efficient is that it uses pre-written language above internet scraping to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism detection and editing are amongst the perks introduced.

Trading will become more engaging through Avorak trade as there is integration with artificial intelligence that undertakes all the trading activities on behalf of the trader. An analysis of previous trends and movements is done to develop the next campaign and trend change.


Axie Infinity and Sandbox are amongst the dominant gaming systems in decentralized finance. The two games are a fun way for game lovers to generate more income at home.  Nevertheless, Avorak steps in to integrate the blockchain, AI, and machine learning that will ease things up in terms of user interaction in the ecosystem as they play the games. Artificial intelligence is considered the next money move; there is a need for more people to become versatile about the project and rise to acquire income.

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