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Cardano Price – 3 Bullish Predictions for Late 2018

The Cardano price is on a lot of people’s minds right now. That is only normal, as this particular altcoin has a lot of potential in the eyes of its community. The following three price predictions all paint a very bullish future for Cardano (ADA), although some are a bit more outlandish than others.

Three Cardano Price Predictions:

#3 Beginning of a Reversal

cardano price prediction reversal
Chart: Tradingview

The past few months have not been pleasant for Cardano traders. This is primarily because all cryptocurrencies have dropped in value in spectacular fashion. Even so, Trader botje11 predicted ADA would break out from the bottom formation several weeks ago, and that statement still appears to hold true. The $0.07 – $0.08 range has acted as relatively stable support, and signs of an impending uptrend have become apparent.

As is always the case with charts like these, one has to wonder if this is effectively the breakout Cardano price watchers have been waiting for. Based on the current momentum, ADA can achieve a much higher value. However, it looks like all the positive efforts seem to be pushed down. A lot of accumulation is going on, which may hint at better things to come in due time.

#2 A New All-time High in 2018

cardano price prediction 2
Chart: Tradingview

Looking at the cryptocurrency markets in their current state, it seems rather unlikely new ATHs will be recorded in late 2018. Albeit nothing is impossible in the world of cryptocurrency, one has to keep in mind the current sentiment does not warrant a bullish outlook. Trader CryptoManiac101 is convinced the year 2018 will end with a bang for Cardano.

More specifically, he claims ADA will reach a new all-time high before the year is over. This is based on very “loose” fundamentals, which confirm a downward wedge has been forming for some time now. However, the general trend predicted on this chart may seem rather unlikely, as a push to $1.463 would require a 20-fold increase in value compared to the current Cardano price. It is unlikely, albeit still interesting.

#1 The 10,000% Potential

Cardano Price Prediction HiTech
Chart: Tradingview

A lot of early Cardano investors would love to see his currency hit a value of $11 or more. Having an optimistic view of the market is something HiTech displays comfortably, yet he is also convinced this chart is very realistic.

The majority of this chart appears to be based on the Fibonacci time zone indicator, which means the coming 12 months will be crucial for ADA. As is usually the case with charts like these, the entire prediction will fall apart if Cardano reaches a new low in the coming weeks. If that happens, all bets are off, and this chart will most likely not come to pass. An interesting outlook regardless, as the expectations for ADA have never been more bullish.


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