NullTX Cardano price Temporary Uptrend

Cardano Price: Strong Gains due to Trezor Support and OKCoin Fiat Pairing

Today has been a very peculiar day for all of the top cryptocurrencies. Considering how things have gone contrary to what people expected. It almost seems as if the current trend is surreal. Rest assured the gains are effectively happening, and the Cardano price has surpassed the $0.08 mark again. A very strong showing of positive momentum.

Cardano Price Gains are Very Real

With all of the top cryptocurrencies in the green right now, it is very difficult to keep track of everything. For those who only care about the Cardano price, this Friday is shaping up to be a great way to start the weekend. If this momentum keeps up for another day or two, there is a good chance the Cardano price will hit $0.1 or even more.

Over the past 24 hours, the Cardano price has gained 13%. A very respectable figure, although it pales in comparison to what XRP is doing as of right now. Even so, the gains are looking healthy, primarily because ADA gained over 8% on Bitcoin as well. Together with $221m in trading volume, things look rather promising at this time.

Some users seemingly couldn’t wait until positive Cardano price momentum began to materialize. In the case of The Crypto Keeper, his advice is more than solid. Selling Cardano at this point seems like a silly idea, although those who are looking for quick profits will undoubtedly start to think about cashing out fairly soon.

There are two main reasons as to why the Cardano price is on the rise right now. OKCoin has made it clear they will be listing five currencies to be traded against the US Dollar, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Those currencies include Cardano, as well as XRP, XLM, ZCash, and 0x. More liquidity for all of these currencies can do wonders, especially through the fiat currency pairing.

Secondly, it seems ADA users will soon be able to rely on the Trezor hardware wallet to keep their funds safe. Hardware wallets play an integral role in the cryptocurrency world. According to this Reddit thread, the implementation of Cardano is entering the final stages and should be completed in the coming weeks.

All of this positive momentum seems to be endless. However, one has to keep in mind cryptocurrency markets are fickle and volatile. All of today’s gains can be wiped out in an hour or two. This goes for the Cardano price, as well as any other cryptocurrency on the market. How the weekend will pan out exactly, is still too early to predict. For now, cautious optimism appears to be warranted.


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