CEX.IO to Launch CFD Trading Platform CEX.IO.BROKER

London, England, March 21, 2019 — Cryptocurrency trading platform CEX.IO BROKER combines the best features of multi-trading solutions, including forex trading platforms. The beta version will be available by 1 April 2019.

Backed by one of the oldest UK-based cryptocurrency exchanges, CEX.IO BROKER will present a two-fold approach: Demo accounts in one click for those who want to improve their trading skills and Live accounts for experienced traders.

“A few years ago, CEX.IO was among the first crypto exchanges to offer margin trading for customers. It was obvious that margin trading itself did not satisfy all the needs of professional traders. By diversifying our portfolio of services, we aim to bring crypto closer to a wider audience of multi-asset traders. For example, if you are used to forex trading platforms, you will find familiar functionality on CEX.IO BROKER. With this convenient platform, traders will get a chance to add short and long positions with leverage in crypto.” — Oleksandr Lutskevych, CEO of CEX.IO

CEX.IO BROKER combines the best features from margin trading, CFD trading, forex trading, and other multi-asset trading solutions. Depending on the market and jurisdiction, the platform will offer every customer optimum functionality to improve trading skills. Customers will get a wide range of trading options, including 1:2, 1:3, 1:5, and 1:10 leverages depending on the market and jurisdiction.

There is also a special offer for early birds who sign up for CEX.IO BROKER account before its launch. They will be the first to learn that the platform has gone live and get the reduced open fee for positions in Live accounts.

CEX.IO BROKER will be launched in beta by 1 April 2019. After the launch, all users will be able to submit their feedback, suggestions, and comments to the development team.

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