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China Makes a Public Announcement on Cryptocurrency Stance, DigiToads Captures Institutional Investors’ Interest

Various holes appeared in the Chinese supposed crypto ban back in 2021. Failures in top crypto exchanges like FTX have poked holes in the decision taken by the Chinese government. The crypto exchanges highlighted a significant number of accounts from China, who still trade and own crypto assets as usual. The staggering number has prompted the Chinese government to make a statement.

As holes appear in the policies by China concerning crypto, DigiToads (TOADS) is emerging as an investor paradise. Its dual-appeal, standing as a meme coin and a utility product is pushing institutional investors towards it.

Read the article to know the statement made by the Chinese government. Additionally, learn why DigiToads is taking the interest of institutional investors.

DigiToads’ Multifaceted Nature an Icing for Institutional Investors

DigiToads is a budding project, going beyond the meme coin appeal and catching the attention of investors looking for utility in a crypto product. The meme aspect is something that has taken the attention of frog meme lovers notably, and their contribution elevated their presale which ended with over  $7 million and all buzz is around its launch on the 21st August.

In the  last remaining days of  their  presale investors were buzzing,  you can tell with their ICO hitting more presale records  topping $7 million. DigiToads has combined an immersive metaverse with exciting activities that promise active income. It has a gaming console that provides gamers an opportunity to battle for a position on top of the leaderboards.

Those topping the boards increase their DigiToads stake by receiving more TOADS from the prize pool. In addition, the gifts from the prize pool receive accompaniment from the in-game marketplace. The marketplaces provide the gaming arena with character rev-ups that help gamers increase their capabilities.

While inadvertently raving up their characters, gamers fill the prize pool with more income that goes back to the project. Gamers take the lion’s share of the income, while the rest of the project shares the remaining 50%. Passive TOAD holders get about 10%.

Beyond gaming and other forms of entertainment lies an ecosystem rife with numerous learning opportunities. The DigiToads project boasts of an NFT minting area, blockchain token transfers, and a web3 virtual space. The three areas provide an overview of the futuristic nature of the internet that is now cooking, and gradually replacing the old.

Staking pools provide another angle for passive income. They are areas where investors can store their TOADS for as long as possible, getting a chance to gain interest, and driving up the value of their assets. The interest is a passive income front, complementing the occasional price rise of the TOADS token.

At the start of the DigiToas project, a single token went for about $0.01. The figure rose to $0.05 in stage 10, representing a 400% price surge. When the token launches officially on August 21st, it will be up 450% from the presale launch price.

As a project centered on sustainability, DigiToads has set up various fronts to guarantee the future. It has a token burn functionality that will help maintain healthy tokenomics. In addition, it maintains a profit pool to go to environmental-charged charities to help change the attitudes of people towards crypto and pull more investors to power its future.

China’s Public Stance on Crypto

The Chinese stance on crypto remains public knowledge. The country despises anything crypto and does not allow domestic mining and transfer of the asset.

However, while this is the case, the Chinese remain active on most crypto exchanges. The government does not endorse this. To push people out of these unsanctioned activities, the country seeks to develop its crypto infrastructure, to power a futuristic monetary technology that will push the country on top of the charts in matters concerning the blockchain, and other related technologies.


DigiToads thirst to be a user and investor-centred project is evident. Even as the crypto environment continues to pressure many crypto projects, it is gearing up for a successful launch, which will see it up by several points. So if you are looking for the next big thing on the crypto market that will earn you passive income and diversify your portfolio, then look no further than DigiToads. Get involved today!

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