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$CIRUS Achieves 7-Month High At $0.05707 Following Innovative Partnership

The Cirus Foundation, a Web3 initiative based on blockchain technology, has joined forces with Shift Markets, a prominent crypto exchange infrastructure provider. This will be inorder to spearhead the creation of non-custodial wallets seamlessly integrated with a global centralized exchange network.

For a decade, Shift Markets, headquartered in New York, has stood as a global leader, offering critical infrastructure support to centralized exchanges. The company, renowned for establishing 59 cryptocurrency exchanges and catering to over 40 million users across network positions, brings a wealth of experience to the collaboration.

This pioneering wallet marks a significant departure from conventional Centralized Exchange (CEX) systems, where user wallets are typically held by the exchange. The upcoming Cirus-powered wallet introduces a groundbreaking approach, granting users absolute control over their assets and the capability to execute transactions on the CEX Venus.

Distinguishing itself, the Cirus-powered wallet incorporates state-of-the-art Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology. This advancement empowers end users to retain custody and control over their assets while actively engaging in trading activities on their respective exchanges.

$CIRUS Price Action

In the wake of this strategic partnership announcement, $CIRUS has surged by over 28% within a few hours, reaching an impressive 7-month high at $0.05707.

This collaboration not only signifies a leap towards innovative solutions in the blockchain and crypto space but also positions Cirus Foundation as a key player in driving user-centric advancements within the decentralized finance landscape.

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