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CODEX Exchange Starts BTC Giveaway and Broadcasts It by Sending Messages on a Blockchain

CODEX, a fully licensed global cryptocurrency exchange, announces Bitcoin Giveaway to give users a chance to try out the platform at no expense of their own.

With the substantial decrease in prices of digital assets over the year and bears still pulling down the market, it may be not easy for some of us to start using a new platform or let alone make the very first investment in cryptocurrency.

To light up the mood a little and to show that with their platform it is still possible to make a profit from trading digital assets, CODEX will give out $100 worth of BTC to randomly selected users who enter the contest. There is no catch and the requirements are simple and straightforward.

CODEX team decided to broadcast the giveaway in a non-trivial way and blockchain came in handy for a creative solution: with the OP_RETURN feature CODEX sent messages to several opinion leaders via Bitcoin transaction. The hashed message is decoded and readable in a block explorer. The unusual way of informing the community was appreciated and caught interest. Twitter user Crypto_Rand, with more than 200000 followers, got the message saying “OverBEARed? 😛 Join @CODEX_Exchange BTC giveaway, Jan 15 UTC 12:00 #GoHighCODEX” and shared it in his tweet.


The BTC Giveaway starts on the 15th of January at 12:00 UTC and will last till the 21st of January at 12:00 UTC. On January, 21 CODEX team will randomly select 50 people who will get $100 worth of Bitcoin. Details and rules can be found in a CODEX blog article.


Globally available and easily accessible, CODEX is an officially licensed digital asset exchange, allowing its users to conveniently buy, store, sell and trade the world’s most eminent cryptocurrencies at near-zero fees (0.05-0.1%). To accommodate current market needs, CODEX offers an expedient feature-rich framework, a cutting-edge security infrastructure, and a nonpareil reward system. More information about CODEX: and

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