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CoinGecko Rewards Loyal Users With Candy Loyalty Points

Engaging the cryptocurrency community for more than two minutes at a time is anything but straightforward. CoinGecko has introduced a new type of reward system that aims to reward users for coming back to the site every day. 

CoinGecko has become the leading crypto data aggregator today.

A Smart Business Decision by CoinGecko

Ever since Binance acquired Coinmarketcap, people have been looking for alternatives. 

Finding an independent source is not easy, but CoinGecko checks all of the right boxes in this regard. 

To reward users, the platform has created a new system called Candy.

It is a loyalty point system awarded to users logging in at CoinGecko’s website every day.

In that regard, it is not necessarily unique.

However, the loyalty points will give users access to specific rewards.

While the Candy balances are not transferable, they can be used for certain rewards.

This includes store vouchers for CG, as well as getting access to the DeFi book, and several unique NFTs. 

Existing users don’t need to perform anything special to receive these loyalty points, other than signing in and claiming them.

New users will be able to start accumulating Candy as well, and reap the rewards accordingly. 

Rolling out features like these will help the cryptocurrency community grow and thrive over time. 


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