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Comcast Mulls Removing its Data Caps as Coronavirus Crisis Causes no Significant Strain

Many lessons can be learned from the current global coronavirus pandemic. For Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, it is evident that data caps or reduced internet speeds should have been a thing of the past ages ago.

Most ISPs around the globe still maintain data caps.

Comcast may Finally Remove its Data Caps Permanently

For most consumers, this makes no real difference, as they do not use a lot of internet data.

Everyone else, however, suffers from these artificial limits that make sense.

Contrary to what ISPs want consumers to believe, the internet is not a finite resource.

There is no finite amount of data to be processed, thus hard caps have never been required.

Comcast, one of the biggest ISPs in the US, is now contemplating to remove its data caps altogether.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, it has become apparent that all internet traffic through Comcast can be handled with ease.

There is no network strain to speak of, effectively making any caps redundant altogether.

This is very different from the EU, where Netflix, YouTube, and other services are purposefully lowering the quality to cope with demand.

The example set by Comcast will hopefully make European ISPs rethink their stance in the near future.

Data caps and speed limitations are archaic, and are never needed. 

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