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More Blockchain Efforts Launch to Fight the Coronavirus

Several blockchain ventures are launching in quick succession. The WHO and various European governments now want to use this technology to combat the coronavirus crisis.

It is evident that blockchain technology can unlock many potential use cases.

Blockchain Technology and the Coronavirus Crisis

Ensuring those use cases are unlocked, is a different matter altogether.

The current coronavirus crisis is an interesting example in this particular regard.

It has highlighted the issues in terms of supply chains, communication, and regulatory decisions.

As such, the use of innovative technologies is more than warranted.

For the WHO and various European governments, using blockchain technology appears to be the logical solution.

In the Netherlands, a new venture has launched known as Tech against Corona.

It is made up of a group of tech companies looking to combat the coronavirus crisis.

This is another example of why these disruptive technologies are necessary in the modern world.

UC Berkeley is also looking to leverage DLT in regards to the coronavirus.

Known as Shark Health, it makes standard health services accessible to everyone.

Last week, IBM and Oracle had already confirmed they would leverage blockchain technology as well.

A lot of interesting projects and services are in development, to say the very least. 

When they will come to fruition exactly, is a different matter.

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