Community Gets a Chance to Win 20,000 USDT As LCMS Celebrates its Listing on Bithumb Global

LCMS has been listed on Bithumb Global crypto exchange and the company has found a special way to celebrate. Bithumb Global is a cryptocurrency exchange originating from South Korea. Though the company was founded fairly recently in May 2019, the exchange has grown quite quickly getting around $100 million trading activity on a daily basis. The way cryptocurrencies have exploded in the past few months, it is still a fraction of Binance’s trading volume which stands at a massive $22.3 billion. Getting listed on Bithumb Global is a big breakthrough for LCMS.

To celebrate the listing and recently gained access to a wider market, the company has announced an event for its community participation. The event is named “Deposit & Trading LCMS, WIN 20,000 USDT!”.  The event is divided into two parts.

Event 1 – Deposit LCMS

This event has a prize pool of 6,000 USDT and is supposed to take place between 14:00, 24th March, till 23:59, 6th April 2021. This event is oriented around depositing LCMS. For every 2,000 LCMS net deposits, 5 USDT will be awarded to the users.

Event 2- Trade LCMS

Event 2 has a bigger prize pool that amounts up to 14,000 USDT. This event is geared towards the trading of LCMS. During the event, the users that are engulfed in the trading of Bithumb Global will be ranked according to the cumulative net trading volume. The rewards will then be handed out to the participants based on this metric. The first price stands at 3,000 USDT. However, members lying in the ranks up until TOP 500 will also receive some amount of the reward. While Americans are diverting their stimulus checks to cryptos, this competition presents itself as a good opportunity to spend that money and earn rewards.

To participate in both events, it is necessary for the community members to have passed KYC2 verification. The distribution of the rewards will be done within 7 working days after the event ends. The company is active in terms of disseminating information to its customer base regarding future updates and plans on Reddit.

LCM Science – Encapsulating Co-Creating on a Blockchain

LCM Science (LCMS) is a blockchain-based platform in the domain of cosmetics, health foods, and masks. The company believes that everyone has the right to live a better life, and everyone deserves fine-quality products. In the light of even COVID, as interest in health is increasing day by day, the platform wants to decrease the victims of the products made from harmful ingredients.

The platform is designed to be led by the customers through their data, opinions, and ideas. The platform allows the customers to share information regarding any topic related to health foods and cosmetics. It allows the users to complete joint development of innovative functional cosmetics, health foods, and medical products that are made in line with the approval of the U.S. FDA. The customers can communicate with each other and all the information is managed safely and securely in a blockchain ecosystem.

The ideas and content for the products shared by the customers become a source of profit-sharing in the future as ownership of personal information is exercised by the customer. In every product development, customer’s opinion carries a weight which makes it an interesting platform. The marketing term of using customer opinion to develop a product is “co-creation”. LCMS seems to be following that path while conveniently rewarding the customers with a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. The monetary exchange on the platform is carried out through LCMS Coin.

Getting listed on any exchange is usually a positive change for the company as more audiences are now able to buy a particular coin. It remains to be seen how the listing on Bithumb Global pushes the company and what role does the deposit and trading events play.


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