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Will NFTs Still Be There in 2023?

A Non-Fungible Token, or an NFT, is a digital item that cannot be copied or substituted. In fact, NFTs are one-of-a-kind, meaning that only one digital asset exists as your NFT and there is no other legal copy or equivalent. Each NFT comes with specific features, making it impossible to […]

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XRP Is Worth a Look for Investing

XRP, Ripple’s native asset, is one of the cryptocurrencies for which investors keep their fingers crossed that it will have a positive run despite the ongoing crypto winter. Ripple has positioned itself to be accepted via its project Ripplenet, which enables private ledgers and inexpensive cross-border payments. This is in […]

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Nakamoto Games Announces Launch of Single-Player Alternative to Hit Multiplayer Shooter NAKA Strike

Nakamoto Games, the premier play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, has announced a single-player version of the widely popular NAKA Strike multiplayer play-to-earn game. The announcement was made as part of Nakamoto Games’ push toward better, faster, more rewarding, and more engaging gaming titles for its players. Since its launch, NAKA Strike has […]


Into The Metaverse: What are Virtual Influencers and How Will they Shape the Metaverse

As the current human civilization, we are still far from realizing our sci-fi fantasy of having our reality translated into a virtual computer program accessible through technology with the capabilities to do that. Technology such as the VirtualReality headset from SonyPlayStation, Social media, Virtual influencers, and Metaverse are signs of […]


Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the current fad in investing, but is it safe? Buying bitcoin has made some individuals wealthy, but you might quickly lose everything at once. Even experts disagree on whether investing in crypto is a wise idea. Some praise Bitcoin and Dogecoin on social media, while others continue to […]

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NFT Novatars on Times Square Billboard

These days NY Times Square is witnessing another NFT invasion: this time from the trendiest NFT avatar drop, The Novatar. 💥 Novatars on @TimesSquareNYC 💥 🚀 First-ever technologically advanced avatars that will grow up on the blockchain are now the trend!!! 😎 🧨 Keep up with NFT revolution with @TwitterBlue […]