Consentium Releases Updated Roadmap Following Successful TGE

Following the crowdfunding success that has taken 10 months, Consentium will be working on a new schedule, to better achieve their original goals.

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The Singapore based Consentium aims to create a community-driven chat application. Unlike other messengers, Consenteium’s offering will integrate group monetization and a multi-currency wallet all in one platform.

In order to get there, the next few months will be focused on creating a new brand image, finalizing functionality within the application, as well as tweaking the group monetization algorithm.

New Website And App Soon

The new brand image comes in the form of a visual overhaul for both the website and application for Consentium. Android will receive the new release first, on August 1st. This will be quickly followed by an iOS release on September 10th. By October, the messenger will have fully integrated their Chat Community Monetization Model (CCM), which will reward users for the group chats they create, across all platforms.

Many cryptocurrencies have very tight-knit groups usually on services like Telegram, Discord, or Slack but offer no revenue stream for those hosting. In some cases, the creators of these groups must pay a hosting fee.

Consentium would allow these groups to be monetized for something they are already doing and even encourage additional growth.

International Support

Consentium will also support 5 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Japanese. These markets have some of the strongest cryptocurrency demand, but additional languages may be supported in the future as new markets are created or existing markets expand.

Roadmap details going into 2018/2019

According to the website, the next order of business after the app launch is a gamification aspect and the token to be listed on exchanges. Q3 will focus solely on developing a cryptocurrency trading feature to compliment the token being listed on exchanges.

The last quarter of this year will work on expanding the functionality of the core services, such as through biometric security, offline payments for merchants, and development of the CCM module.

2019 will then focus more on the business side of things, with the bot being monetized in Q1, a hardware wallet and open API/SDK scheduled for Q2, support for business accounts and B2B services in Q3, and the Q4 supporting some more cryptocurrencies.

The website states specifically that Q4 will work on supporting the top 10 crypto’s, and trading will be across 3 main pairs: against BTC, ETH, and CSM. An apple watch version of the application will be released as well, for those that want to check notifications from their wrist.  

To view the platform and general information about the company, visit their website. For more in-depth information regarding operations, read the whitepaper. To discuss Consentium topics with community members and the team, check out their Telegram channel. They also have a Bitcointalk thread for more cryptocurrency discussions. For social media updates, make sure to connect with Consentium on both Facebook and Twitter. All blog posts will be made through their Medium.

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