ContentBox Launches Exclusively on Chinese Exchange Huobi Pro

ContentBox has launched on Huobi Global at 8 PM PST, according to the Huobi website. The platform is an open-source blockchain infrastructure for creators, a token-based ecosystem comprised of a shared user and content pool along with a unified payment solution for the digital content industry. As a decentralized content ecosystem, ContentBox gives users and companies alike the ability to integrate into it, opening up content channels, monetization, and multi-platform mobilization. Boasting 20 million users, ContentBox is poised to scale its BOX Passport, BOX Payout, and BOX Unpack adoption exponentially.


Huobi is already accepting BOX deposits on its platform. ContentBox will begin accepting deposits as well. At 11:00pm EST Monday July 16, Huobi began accepting BOX/BTC and BOX/ETH trades. Users are advised to inspect the contract address below:


ContentBox has released 3 billion BOX, circulating 750 million BOX. Ether equivalency is 1:19,000 at the token generation event.

Read ContentBox’s whitepaper, visit their website, or view their hash activity for more information.


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