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CREDIT, the African Cryptocurrency of Choice, Celebrates First Anniversary

Based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, CREDIT is a cryptocurrency that is swiftly being adopted in the emerging markets of the African continent. Recently, it marked its first year of existence as more and more users adopt it.

New Year, New Developments

A hybrid blockchain that utilized both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), CREDIT’s first anniversary is being celebrated by the crypto exchange TERRA offering CREDIT users a vast portfolio of products and services. It is also now fully PoS. Currently TERRA is offering 8 unique products, with each one catering to a specific need that the emerging market of Africa needs:

  • Terra.Credit: Transparency is at the core of CREDIT, with the Terra.Credit blockchain explorer offering anyone to access the decentralized ledger and view transactions made on the CREDIT ecosystem.
  • MiniPOS: CREDIT is all about efficiency and low power. The web-based MiniPOS wallet allows anyone to stake their tokens using smartphones and earn up to 100% profit annually.
  • Tellus Ecosystem: Comprising of two elements, namely Tellus-pay and Tellus-merchant, the Tellus Ecosystem is a complete platform that enables users to use CREDIT as easy as any other currency. It supports crypto as well as fiat, enabling a whole new financial system in which users can buy everyday products from shops. The South African and Nigerian market is readily accessible with Naira and Rand support, with further to come.
  • Terra Mart: A ZERO FEE marketplace, the e-commerce space allows merchants to easily place their products and services for sale. With CREDIT as the only currency that can be used, the marketplace ensures that there are literally no commissions.
  • Terra Hub: A social media platform that rewards its users through CREDIT for their active participation.
  • Terra Wallet: Soon to be launched Terra Wallet is a web-based and app-based wallet that allows easy, secure storage and use of CREDIT.
  • Terra-ceX: A traditional cryptocurrency exchange with simple trading tools such as spot and stop-loss orders, it supports major cryptos and pairs. It also pays back all of its fees through referrals.
  • Terra Dax: An API based app that allows users to access all of their favorite exchanges through a single interface.

For the Unbanked and Poor

CREDIT is a cryptocurrency that is specifically designed towards people who cannot enter the mainstream banking system due to different barriers. Cut off from the financial systems and markets, these people have no other option. CREDIT changes all of this. A hybrid crypto with easy to use, hold and stake tokens through smartphones, it allows everyone to take part in the crypto economy.

Terra founder and creator of CREDIT, Dan Ronchese talks about his belief,

“The only way a cryptocurrency can become a global payment system is if everyone who makes payments has access to it”

With the unbanked populations with access to smartphones reaching 2,000,000,000 in number- yet still not having access to a bank account, an immense financial potential of humanity is locked away. CREDIT aims to change that and also bring prosperity to them.

CREDIT, with its PoS, has extremely low power requirements and a vast array of supporting systems, can be used on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and even Raspberry based devices. A real-world solution to an important problem, the CREDIT is being adopted at an unprecedented rate in the emerging markets of Africa.

For more information on the unbanked-friendly African cryptocurrency, visit their website here.

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