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CryptantCrab Let’s Play Part 1 – Getting Started

Cryptantcrab is a PVP Blockchain based game. You can play it via the browser and all you need is Metamask in order to interact with the platform. The game is based around obtaining Crabs and battling other players, this results in an increase of the Crab’s level which allows you to customize and upgrade your crab.


Personally, I’ve never played the game before. I am starting this let’s play series to document my progress with the game. I will also document any investments I make and any funds I might spend. The goal here is to hopefully make money on my initial investment and share any methods I figure out with you. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Getting Your First Crabs

There are a few ways of obtaining new crabs. The first option is to take advantage of the current promotion where you can buy a crab for 0.025ETH, roughly $4.6 at the time of writing.

It is required to have at least 2 crabs in order to start battling so with this method if you are able to snag that crab you would need a minimum of a $10 investment.

The second option is to simply buy a crab from the market, the lowest priced crab at the time of writing is at 0.0659 ETH, roughly $12 at the time of writing. With that method you will need at least $25 to get started.

The third method is to purchase a 30-day VIP pass for 0.149 ETH, which is roughly $28 at the time of writing. For that price you not only get 2 free crabs, but also 3 extra team slots, 4X the daily cryptant rewards and also 2X the experience points for a whole month.

I went ahead with the third option and purchased a VIP pass. After you purchase the VIP pass, navigate to My Crabs and you will have 2 eggs, click on them and your crabs will hatch. On the top right you can also claim your 4 free Cryptants. We will talk about Cryptants later in the article.

Sending Your Crabs to Battle

Now that you have the two crabs you are ready for battle. Go to the arena and click one of the empty team slots, select a name for your team and add the two crabs you just hatched. Once that is done, click the fight button and send the crabs to battle. Since your crabs are fresh they will have 6 stamina, so you can send them to six battles.

If you send your crabs to fight the 6 battles, they will all queue under the Battle Results section. After each battle is complete, the results will be updated with the amount of wins each crab received. It will looks something like this:

cryptant crab battle resultsYou can actually click on each battle, and see exactly which players your crab battled and which one you won / lost against.

Leveling Your CryptantCrab

After each battle, both of the crabs that participated will earn experience points, regardless if they win or not. Each battle will use up 1 stamina point, and each crab can have up to 6 stamina at most.

Crabs regenerate their stamina once every 4 hours, so to get exp in the most effective way you should play 6 battles every 24 hours. If you simply login once a day and send all your crabs to 6 fights you should be able to level up in no time.

With the extra team slots, you can have a maximum of 9 teams. So if you wanted to play this game in the most effective way, you would need to have 18 crabs. That can become costly as the lowest priced crab is at roughly $12. You would need a bit over $200 to get all the crabs.

Putting Your Crabs For Sale

Since we aren’t looking to invest that much, in our case we are going to start with the 2 crabs and begin leveling them up, in the meantime we are also going to put both the crabs up for listing for the suggested price.

If you scroll down on your crab info page, there will be an auto generated suggested price that is hopefully higher than half the minimum amount to buy a crab. If you put the crabs up for sale and someone buys them, you can reinvest your money into the marketplace to purchase more crabs.

The suggested price for one of my crabs is 0.5819 ETH! That’s over $100! I’m not sure what exactly is causing that price but I can’t complain. The good thing is you can still participate in battles while your crabs are on the market. The bad news is it will cost you around $1 in gas fees to actually put the crab up for sale.

What’s Next?

Let’s talk about Cryptants now. On your crab info page you also have options to mutate various parts or to Xenograft your whole crab. Mutating your crab give your crab experience and also allows you to find a more suiting part for the crab. Xenografting allows you to transfer a specific part from one crab onto another.

We don’t need to go too in depth about Mutations and Xenografts just yet as we don’t even have enough Cryptant to mutate anything. Because I purchased the VIP pass I will be getting 0.4 Cryptant every 24 hours. So it will take around 7 days to get enough Cryptant to mutate the 2 claws and the legs of our crab.

For the next couple days we will continue sending the crabs to battle and racking up those levels. I will make a Part 2 to this once either one of my crabs sells or once we get enough Cryptant to mutate 3 parts of our crab. The time to collect 3 Cryptant should take around a week if we get 0.4 per day.


The team behind CryptantCrab was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway of 20 Crabs. We will be running this giveaway for 2 weeks, at the end of which we will select 20 winners each to receive 1 Crab.

To enter the giveaway join our Discord channel and react to the post in our giveaways channel. We will announce the winners on September 12th.

Read Part 2 Here: CryptantCrab Let’s Play Part 2 Upgrading Our Crab and Battling in The Arena

If you want to join me on this journey, you can sign up to CryptantCrabs here.


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