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Crypto arena gets spicy with Avorak AI rumored to list on KuCoin and ByBit

Amidst the record-breaking ICO, rumors circulating of Avorak AI listing on KuCoin and ByBit are lighting the crypto community ablaze with excitement. If the rumors come to pass, it would mean Avorak AI’s reach into major exchanges and signals a fast-growing and credible project. It would usher in a new era of AI crypto in cryptocurrency investing.


KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Seychelles and was launched in 2014. The centralized exchange is popular among traders for its user-friendly interface, low trading fees, and support for 754 cryptocurrencies, including many altcoins. KuCoin offers 132 trading pairs, including trading between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.KuCoin also provides a mobile app. Avorak AI can integrate its solutions, including Avorak Trade, with the KuCoin platform to ease users’ trading experience.


ByBit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in 2018 and offers users diverse trading features, including margin trading, futures trading, and perpetual contracts. It lists 303 popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. The centralized exchange provides 384 trading pairs, including ByBit LUNC trading pairs. ByBit’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it a popular option for beginners and experienced traders. 

Avorak AI (AVRK)

Avorak AI is an AI crypto platform for blockchains and deploys advanced machine learning algorithms to provide insights and analysis of the cryptocurrency arena. Avorak’s cutting-edge technology helps investors to execute crypto trading with ease. Avorak Trade scouts the markets around the clock and relays accurate signals and in-depth market analysis for profitable trades and precise price predictions.

Avorak AI’s record ICO is in phase six, and one AVRK is at $0.235, signifying an astronomical rise of 291.67%. Phase six will last from May 10 to May 30, when the next phase will usher in an increased AVRK value. AVRK will continue rising through the phases and will launch at $1. Avorak AI has confirmed listing on four exchanges: pancakeSwap, Azbit, Coinsbit, and LAToken. If recent rumors are confirmed, the list will expand to include KuCoin, Uniswap v3, and ByBit. Avorak AI has subjected its infrastructure to two audits by CyberScope and SolidProof. The Avorak ICO has excited analysts and the community on YouTube, with others fronting AVRK for 100x.

Avorak AI’s portfolio of AI tools includes Avorak Write, a content writing assistant that strives for quality output that meets the user-defined writing style. Avorak Create helps in generating original images without infringing on royalties. The tool is easy to use and has multiple utilities, including marketing, and NFT image generators, etc. CryptoTV has featured a comprehensive list of AI tools offered by Avorak AI in their Youtube video.

Wrap Up

There has been a lot of speculation in the crypto world regarding Avorak AI, a platform using advanced machine learning algorithms to provide insights and analysis on the cryptocurrency market. Rumors are circling that Avorak AI is set to list on major exchanges such as KuCoin and ByBit, which has generated a lot of excitement in the community. A listing of any crypto project in leading exchanges is a dream of many, and these rumors give credence to Avoprak AI as a project of the future.

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