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Crypto Gaming Platform Bitcasino Pledges Over 100k Trees to #teamtrees Movement

Taking part in philanthropic activities is one of the few ways cryptocurrency platforms are giving back to communities. One major movement which has a huge potential impact globally has crossed Bitcasino’s radar: the #teamtrees movement. Thanks to a loyal and active community of crypto gamers, Bitcasino has now pledged over 100,000 trees to their noble cause.

Forest Disasters are Real and Bitcasino Stands with Conservationists

This year alone has seen many forests gutted by wildfire, such has been the case with the unprecedented fires that burned through the Amazon in August, those that engulfed the Indonesian rainforest (which saw more CO2 emitted than the Amazon fires), and the most recent report of a raging bushfire which torched 5.3 million acres in New South Wales, Australia. These events have not only scarred the landscape, threatening many species and ecosystems, but have also done a great deal of damage to the atmosphere.

In the wake of these events, a leader in the Bitcoin casino industry and now a pro-conservationist, Bitcasino is notably the only crypto-based company to have endorsed #teamtress. In a nod to its crypto and tech roots, Bitcasino has contributed the binary-inspired amount of $101,010 to help facilitate the planting of an equal number of trees by January 2020 (with each tree estimated by #teamtrees to cost $1).

The #teamtrees initiative, started by American YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, sought for contributions from around the world to the tune of $20 million to plant 20 million trees by January 1 2020. The initiative has gained so much traction that, as of Tuesday December 17 2019, there are just over 416 thousand trees left yet to be funded, placing them well within reach of their goal.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Numerous supporters have been creative for the cause. Alongside direct money contributions from notable organizations, the campaign has witnessed creative activities such as handmade tree tags created out of recycled paper mulch, stamped with a potato stamp and sold to staff and students of Kildonan East Collegiate for $1 each – to mention just one example.

For Bitcasino, players were able to contribute using their unused Loyalty Club Points – the platform’s reward program – which were then matched Bitcoin-for-Bitcoin by the team, and over $100k was realized from the contributions. The Bitcasino team simply made up the difference for a $101,010 figure to geek-it-up a bit.

Tauri Tiitsaar, Director of Bitcasino has described the players’ effort as “generous” and “astonishing”, qualities befitting the everyday hero. And as a leader in the industry, he further encouraged other crypto stakeholders to commit to the events of climate change:

“By making just a small addition to our loyalty club, we were able to have such a big impact on a global cause, and want to take this as an opportunity to challenge others in our industry and community to stand together with us in raising awareness on the important topic of climate change.”

This move now puts Bitcasino on the list of conservationists alongside prominent people such as the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Jean-Michel Lemieux, CTO of Shopify, and a few others like Scott Chacon, CEO of Chatterbug, among many others who have been inspired by the initiative to generously support the cause. They will go down in history as heroes who fought to conserve the ecosystem.

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