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Crypto struggles to climb higher as Avorak AI detects bearish long-term pattern

The cryptocurrency market has faced challenges in its upward momentum. Avorak AI has identified long-term bearish patterns, causing concerns among investors and traders. However, the platform also comes with solutions.

What is a crypto bear market?

A crypto bear market is a period when the overall value of cryptocurrencies experiences a prolonged decline. Reduced trading volumes and a general lack of positive market sentiment often accompany the downward trend in cryptocurrency prices. During a bear market, more investors and traders tend to sell off their holdings, leading to further price declines. Factors that can contribute to a crypto bear market include regulatory uncertainty, negative news, market manipulation, or a general shift in investor sentiment. During these periods, market participants often adopt a cautious approach, seeking to protect their investments and profit from falling prices through short-selling and other strategies.

What is Avorak AI?

Avorak AI is a blockchain-powered AI platform that aims to help users streamline their individual and business operations. Avorak provides an extensive list of AI solutions, all paid for using its native utility token, AVRK. The project has been reviewed by several analysts, all of whom believe it holds great potential for growth.

How can Avorak help in bear markets?

Avorak AI can offer significant assistance during bear markets through its advanced AI market analysis trading tool, Avorak Trade. The bot replicates the decision-making process of a traditional trader but with greater speed and accuracy. Avorak Trade analyzes market data to provide price predictions and meticulously examined indicators.The AI trading tool provides significant indicators and promptly alerts users of changing trends or patterns through its integrated notification systems.

Avorak Trade’s automated APIs enable seamless trade execution across various exchanges and asset classes, offering versatility to traders. Avorak Trade identifies profitable trading opportunities in cryptocurrency markets by harnessing AI-powered indicators and machine learning algorithms. The AI also adapts and learns from individual preferences, strategies, and market movements, delivering a personalized and automated trading system capable of generating profits in any market condition.

Avorak has developed a simple command-line input programmed with a standard script for Avorak Trade to ensure ease of use and accessibility by many traders. With Avorak AI’s sophisticated analysis and automation capabilities, traders can benefit from timely insights, optimized entry points, and improved risk management, ultimately enhancing their performance during bear markets.

To access Avorak Trade, users will need to deposit credits of AVRK. Avorak AI charges a fee of 0.5% on all trade profits. However, the collected fees are distributed to AVRK holders through the revenue feedback system. Users have the flexibility to withdraw unused credits at any time without incurring additional charges. Avorak AI is currently offering AVRK tokens at a discounted price along with several benefits, including token bonuses and closed beta product access, through its initial coin offering (ICO). For the Avorak Trade beta phase, testers will receive trading funds from Avorak, which they can retain as a token of appreciation for their valuable feedback. AVRK is currently selling at $0.255 with a 4% bonus in phase 7 of the ICO.

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