CryptoAdSolution Launches Coin and Platform to Make Crypto Advertising Great Again

(August 21, 2018) CryptoAdSolution has launched a new cryptocurrency and ecosystem to bring the advantage of smart contracts and masternodes to marketing, advertising and traffic frequency. The new coin, CADS, has a total supply of 100 million, and will soon be available from pre-sale.

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CryptoAdSolution wants to bring back advertising for the cryptoworld through it community and industry focused coin and platform. Its solutions address the current challenges faced by crypto marketing as well as masternode cryptocurrencies.

CryptoAdSolution is a solution-centered ecosystem, and simplified the task of marketing for the rapidly growing crypto world. CADS is the coin of the new crypto advertising techniques that will be available on a smart contract based blockchain built upon C# and Stratis. Stratis is a popular and established framework and is suitable for wider adoption. The platform will also use masternodes to stabilize the coin supply, process transactions and secure the network.

CADS can be used on the CryptoAdSolution platform to buy a variety of ready-to-use products. The first available product is the advertising package which can be bought with CADS for generating traffic to the customer’s products and getting high quality clicks. The platform will also offer an advertising cost reimbursement system to generate passive income.

Customers can also use tailor-made advertising packages within their budget. These can be obtained after filling up a requirement questionnaire. The packages will be ideal for large scale marketing efforts. The packages come with access to internal platform advertising, with banners, email lists, as well as PPC, SEO and video creation.

The new ecosystem also features an advertising marketplace, which works like a search engine to connect advertisers through algorithm and settle the commission using CADS. Finally, CryptoAdSolution will offer an AdExchange, which aims to replace existing digital advertising models with a transparent and focused solution for collaboration with ad publishers.

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