Cryptocurrency Support Isn’t a Selling Point for the Samsung S20

Samsung had a few interesting smartphone-related announcements today. Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S20 will support cryptocurrencies out of the box.

However, this will not be the main selling point of the device, which makes a lot of sense.

The Samsung S20 Doesn’t Flaunt Crypto Support

Not because the cryptocurrency hype is slowing down by any means, though.

It would appear that phone manufacturers are slowly coming to their senses regarding the advertising of blockchain and crypto tech.

Most people care about the other features provided by the S20.

For a device costing at least $999, it has to pack quite the punch. 

In theory, every smartphone is compatible with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

There are plenty of mobile applications to access these services today.

One interesting note is how the Samsung S20 has a secure processor.

That processor is dedicated to protecting personal information, including  a “blockchain private key”. 

Why a secure processor is needed for this task, remains a bit unclear.

In this modern day and age, any extra layer of protection and security is crucial. 

With Samsung bringing a new line of smartphones to the world, it will be interesting to see if they are worth the steep price tag.

Charging four digits for a new phone seems steep, but it has become somewhat of a common trend among manufacturers.

Image(s): Shutterstock.com

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