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Curve Fiasco Spurs Transaction Surge, Analysts Forecast A Stellar Performance for DigiToads (TOADS)

After a $47million hack of Curve Foundation, prospects have improved somewhat thanks to new backers like Tron’s Justin Sun. This positive news has helped bolster Curve’s fortunes, addressing major issues with the network and bringing new bullish sentiment to the scene. But it’s not the only crypto that has a newly positive outlook: DigiToads (TOADS) is expected to perform well over the next few weeks as it heads out of presale and into the best ico ever seen in the crypto space. Here’s why analysts are predicting big things for it:

DigiToads (TOADS)

The remarkable DigiToads environment is second to none. That’s because it has multiple ways to enjoy your investment journey, and multiple ways to earn. With an overall 7% sales tax, 2% each goes into two important mechanics. Here’s a bit more detail about each of them:

The TOADs P2E ecosystem provides fun, rewards, and gains along the way as part of the most remarkable gaming mechanics ever seen in the crypto world. Unlike other memecoins that get by on social media hype alone, you can actually enjoy using your TOADS tokens for long-term prowess in the digital swamp arena. In this battle arena, you get to compete for top rewards every season with your own unique TOADS companions. Rewards can be taken as instant profits and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or poured back into your companions with food and power-ups to make them even stronger.

If you’d rather take a more passive approach in your investment journey, you can with the incredible TOADS NFT staking protocol. By locking in trending NFTs for the long term, you will earn a residual income as time goes by, and watch your investment portfolio slowly grow over time. This could be the most popular NFT trading staking protocol ever, and sits alongside a range of other incredible features to help make TOADS one of the best investments you could make right now.

The TOADS presale has already surged massively in popularity, and there are only a few days left to add it to your portfolio at discounted prices of $0.05. These will go up when it officially launches onto Uniswap and Bitmart soon, to a launch price of $0.055. It could go even higher after that, so consider grabbing these discounts while you still can and enjoy a ride all the way to the top.

Curve Finance

Curve’s recent positive moves have helped dispel negative sentiment around this token, after it initially lost a ton of money in a security breach. However, since then, hackers have returned 73% of stolen Curve, and new backers have added an extra level of positive outlook. It could be a great option for your portfolio moving forward.


Curve is booming, but experts think that TOADS could go even higher over the next few weeks. It’s considered by many to be the best crypto to buy right now by a huge margin, and could bring you everything you’ve always wanted from a crypto investment: so check it out immediately and don’t miss your chance.

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