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Decentral Introduces the Jaxx Liberty Multi-Coin Wallet

There can never be enough cryptocurrency wallet options. As this industry continues to grow, giving users more ways to secure their funds can only be considered a good thing. Decentral has introduced the Jaxx Liberty wallet, which is slightly different from its regular Jaxx wallet.

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet Has Arrived

When it comes to storing cryptocurrency balances in a safe and secure manner, a software or hardware wallet is one’s best bet. In the hardware department, the likes of Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey are incredibly popular. A new OpenDime hardware solution is also coming to market soon, which will give users even more ways to keep their funds safe.

In the software department, there are a lot more choices out there. Ranging from desktop wallets to mobile wallets, the number of choices continues to grow every quarter. Decentral, the company known for its Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet, recently introduced a second offering. Known as Jaxx Liberty, it will support many additional cryptocurrencies. Although the wallet is still undergoing beta testing as of right now, it will eventually support over 70 currencies.

Additionally, the Jaxx Liberty wallet provides additional features for users to enjoy. Those tools range from industry news to market data and a multi-chain block explorer. It is good to see wallet providers offer a lot more functionality which most of their users find important.

For the time being, the Jaxx Liberty wallet is only available to Canadian users. That situation will soon come to change, as Decentral aims to offer its new wallet to users all over the world in the coming weeks. It will not replace the traditional Jaxx wallet, but rather offer a slightly different experience. Having two wallet solutions taking slightly different approaches makes a lot of sense for Decentral.

The growing number of digital currencies, assets, and tokens has caused the cryptocurrency ecosystem to become fragmented. As such, it is important to have wallet solutions in place which can support many currencies in one go. Jaxx Liberty seems to check a lot of the right boxes in this regard, although it remains to be seen how users will respond to this new offering.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts who manage a diversified portfolio, Jaxx Liberty could be a wallet solution worth checking out. Although it is impossible to support all cryptocurrencies from day one, taking a multi-coin approach is becoming more important than ever before in this industry. Users still need to take the necessary precautions to keep their devices safe from harm. A cryptocurrency wallet can only do so much of the work in this regard.


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