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DeFi Market Rally: 3 Cheap DeFi Coins That Will Surge by 200% Before the End of June

Crypto market signals can be unpredictable, sometimes prompting investors to make the wrong investment decisions. However, there have been several significant key indicators showing promising price signals for top DeFi coins like KangaMoon (KANG), Optimism (OP), and Hedera (HBAR).

In this article, there’s a comprehensive review of these top DeFi coins and what the key market indicators are that could propel them toward gaining 200% in the coming weeks. Find out more below. 

KangaMoon (KANG) Prepares for Launch Amid Surging Presale Momentum 

So far, KangaMoon (KANG) is having an excellent presale journey, given the over $6M already raised within the first 5 stages of its presale. Over 7,000 investors have already bought the KANG token. Notably, the KANG token presale has generated 290% so far, which means early investors have started recouping their investment dividends in varying percentages. 

Meanwhile, KangaMoon is preparing to launch in Q2 and has started setting the groundwork for listing on Uniswap and other notable exchanges. In the meantime, the KANG token’s current trajectory is likely to see it grow by over 700% before its listing date. That is why it is important to invest in the token now and position oneself for the high-flying price gain in the coming weeks.

Currently, the KANG token, an ERC20 token, is sold for only $0.0196, which is a low-cost investment with exponential growth potential. There’s also a 10% bonus offer for investors who’ll be purchasing the token presale. Overall, the KANG token is a fast-rising DeFi coin that is on course to becoming the next blue-chip crypto.

As a platform, KangaMoon is building one of the biggest meme communities on its protocol, where meme enthusiasts can access the SocialFi and GameFi features on the same platform. The SocialFi structure allows members to interact and share insight with fellow members of KangaMoon. In contrast, the GameFi feature allows members to engage in play-to-earn adventures to earn passive income. 

Optimism (OP) Consolidates Position as Ethereum-Based Scaling Solution

Optimism (OP) is a layer 2 protocol and one of the biggest scaling solutions for Ethereum. Optimism uses the Ethereum mainnet to secure its transactions while the records are stored on Optimism proper. Recently, Optimism partnered with Nym Project to further enhance the scalability and privacy of the Optimism project. 

This partnership will not only enhance Optimism’s protocol it can also trigger the performance of Optimism tokens price in the crypto market. As such, there’s a strong bullish indication that the Optimism price will see a significant uptrend in the coming weeks as a result of the partnership.

Hedera (HBAR) – A Sustainable Protocol for Creating Decentralized Apps (DApps)

Hedera (HBAR) is an enterprise-grade public network that is used to create powerful DApps on the blockchain. With Hedera, decentralized protocols looking to get their app created will get a fairer and more efficient system that enhances the performance and stability of any DApps created on the platform.

That is why Shinhan Bank, South Korea’s oldest bank, is partnering with Hedera to develop the South Korean Won currency as a stable coin on the Hedera Network. This partnership is another high-profile project that Hedera will be developing. This particular development is likely to trigger a positive uptrend for the Hedera price in the crypto market in the coming week. As such, buying the DeFi coin now could position one for the potential price surge.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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