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Raboo vs. Play-to-Earn Giants: Can AI-Generated Content Outperform Axie Infinity and Gala?

Due to the market’s bearish tendency over the last months, investors started scouring the market for undervalued projects across various crypto niches. In this diverse landscape, play-to-earn giants Axie Infinity and Gala compete with a new contender that aims to disrupt the market with AI-generated meme content.

Enter Raboo, a new AI meme coin poised to grow by 233% during its ongoing presale and 100x after its official launch. Read on to learn how Raboo’s AI-generated memes fare against Axie Infinity and Gala.

Axie Infinity: Web3’s play-to-earn pioneer 

Axie Infinity is the first blockchain-based game that introduced the play-to-earn model to the crypto market. Inspired by classic games like Pokémon, Axie Infinity created a world where players collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade NTF-based creatures. This allows token holders to monetize their in-game actions and earn rewards based on the effort invested.

Unfortunately, the hype around Axie Infinity was short-lived, with the project experiencing a steady decline since its $157 ATH from the previous bull run. Despite the renewed interest in the NFT sector, the $AXS price peaked at $12.67, with the token rapidly dropping back to the $7.1 mark. Experts suggest that Axie Infinity’s value will fluctuate between $5 and $15, making it very unlikely for investors to consider it a relevant addition to their portfolios.

Gala: The decentralized entertainment ecosystem

Gala is a Web3 entertainment ecosystem aiming to become the first billion-user blockchain in the world. Powered by GalaChain, Gala offers developers a variety of web3-native features that enable them to implement all of their ideas in a decentralized system. Most popularly, the Gala ecosystem is best known for its play-to-earn gaming branch, which offers users a variety of high-quality games and a lucrative gaming experience. 

Unfortunately, like Axie Infinity, Gala’s comprehensive entertainment solutions didn’t translate into a successful financial performance during this bull run. Over the last year, the project registered a small 13% growth, showcasing the poor performance of the GameFi sector in this bull market. 

Raboo: Pioneering AI-generated meme content  

Raboo is a new AI meme coin aiming to become a top 20 cryptocurrency by market cap, challenging the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Boasting a unique blend of SocialFi mechanics and cutting-edge AI technology, Raboo is developing one of the most comprehensive ecosystems for meme enthusiasts worldwide. A few of the project’s stand-out features investors enjoy include AI-generated memes, monetized social media content via Raboo’s post-to-earn platform, and a range of exclusive perks. 

Thanks to its unique positioning and innovative features, Raboo garnered a community of more than 5,000 members and raised over $1 million by the third stage of its presale. Thus, with a current price of only $0.0042, it’s no wonder that Raboo’s AI meme ecosystem and innovative features stand out as a prime investment opportunity for any astute gem hunter looking for the next 100x payday. 


As the GameFi sector maintains its bearish tendency, investors started dumping their stakes in play-to-earn leaders like Axie Infinity and Gala for new projects with strong growth signals. In this scenario, Raboo’s presale emerges as a golden opportunity for astute investors looking to maximize their returns. Don’t miss out!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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