Digital Marketing Innovator DataBlockchain Partners With Industry Leader Virtual DBS to Deliver Blockchain Enhanced Marketing Solutions

In the digital world, where a significant percentage of humanity is online, it is becoming ever more important to have the correct information on users and potential clients when marketing.

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The market for advertising is huge. In 2017 alone, the industry did USD 591,000,000,000 worth of business, of which $209,000,000,000 was dedicated to digital marketing. With digital marketing becoming a cut-throat competition, it is becoming more and more important to have accurate and reliable information on users and their habits to deliver content that they will actually respond to.

DataBlockchain’s Utility

DataBlockchain is a decentralized platform that is disrupting how companies market their services and products. The platform understands that acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones is only possible through having access to crucial data that will enable a company to make sound decisions on providing accurate and relevant services that cater to their needs.

Understanding that access to crucial and critical data is the lifeline of companies, and that current state of affairs mean that access to this data is fragmented, expensive to acquire and most of the time in a manner that is difficult to make head or tails of.

DataBlockchain helps in this regard by enabling a single point of data source, directly from users. This means that companies will not need to go to multiple sources of data, enabling faster, accurate and to the point information about potential and existing clients. The data will be first hand, cheaper and relevant.

Partnership With Virtual DBS

Virtual DBS is a market leading big data company that gives services to a lot of clients regarding marketing data. With its teaming up with DataBlockchain, the two companies bring a wealth of marketing and user information on the blockchain.

The combination of its data, artificial intelligence and machine learning of DataBlockchain, the two companies will cover a niche and deliver a unique market intelligence that will benefit companies of all sizes and data sets.

DataBlockchain will be the first in the industry to give users custom analyzed data of customers and their respective markets, allowing businesses to predict and adapt according to changing customer trends and behaviors.

Unlike most other marketing data analysis platforms, DataBlockchain has released an alpha MVP, allowing users to review and see how the system will enable enhancement of their current marketing strategies.

DataBlockchain TGE

The initial generation event for DataBlockchain’s token is currently in progress and will end on 21st June. During this, the token is available to early backers at a special discounted rate of $0.08 (33%). After this, the discount would change to bring the DataBlockchain token to $0.12 during its main event.

Through its services, DataBlockchain plans to bring the power of marketing data analysis to companies that currently cannot afford to acquire expensive and disenfranchised data through big data companies that charge a hefty amount, but deliver little in value.

For more information on the marketing data analysis platform, visit their website.

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