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DigiToads Presale Demand Through The Roof, Over $6.4 Million Raised

In the past six months, venture capital funding in crypto has increased rapidly, and cryptos have become a central talking point of the US presidential race. Global adoption will define the coming cycle. Institutional capital and retail flows from ETF products will lift altcoins to entirely new highs.

However, the abundance of ERC20 coins on the market makes finding the best altcoins to invest in challenging. But every cycle has projects that create a particular type of hype. In 2017 the Binance Coin (BNB) ICO took the world by storm and this cycle’s $BNB? Without a doubt, DigiToads (TOADS). DigiToads’ presale demand is through the roof, with over $6.4 million raised and no signs of slowing.

DigiToads (TOADS) Third-Gen Meme Utility Hyrbid

DigiToads has succeeded in generating that unique hype that precedes astronomical growth. It has rapidly outpaced other new ICOs, and the economic model underpinning TOADS indicates 100X potential.

The suite of products offered in The Swamp (the DigiToads ecosystem) has attracted a broad investor base. It includes Toad-Cade, a play-to-earn game, an educational platform, charity initiatives to preserve the rainforest, a native DEX, monthly trading competitions, and more. But the three big-ticket mechanisms inducing analysts to forecast crazy growth are the Platinum Toads initiative, the NFT staking mechanic, and the Toad Tax.

The Platinum Toads initiative distinguishes DigiToads from many other DeFi companies with dormant treasuries. Instead, this active management strategy gives remote control of the treasury to the twelve most profitable on-chain traders for the community. This means all $TOADS holders gain the upside of a DeFi-native trading firm.

The NFT Staking mechanic introduces a revolutionary new utility for NFTs, allowing users fast enough to mint one of the 3,500 toad-themed collections to earn consistent payouts. And rewards are skewed by stake duration, allowing users who stake immediately on August 21st to increase their payouts over time.

The Toad Tax underpins all of these mechanisms which establish a broad flywheel effect for the ecosystem. All the features attract capital, generate revenue, and then distribute to community members. The taxation system orchestrates capital throughout DigiToads and funds a powerful deflationary mechanism with 2% of every transaction burnt. This rapidly dwindling supply ensures scarcity at the protocol level, and the relation between ecosystem activity and burn rate means this campaign closely mirrors the deflationary element employed by Ethereum. The sole difference is that the DigiToads burn is much more aggressive.

Runaway Presale Success

Raising more than $6.4 million is not easy, and the presale success speaks for itself. Investors want exposure to TOADS, and early participants have leveraged the dynamic adjusting price employed throughout the presale.

Currently, $TOADS is available for just $0.05, allowing investors to secure profits before launch when $TOADS will trade at $0.055. Several early investors have watched their holdings grow by 400%, and everything indicates this trajectory will continue.

Another core driver of this presale success has been the lack of a vesting period meaning all TOADS holders will gain access to all their tokens at launch. But given the lucrative flywheel effect of The Swamp, users who sell at launch may sorely regret this decision.

Closing Thoughts: Participate Today

DigiToads begins its journey from blockchain ICO to a top 100 crypto project. Early adopters always secure the bulk of the rewards, and users participating in the presale join the TOADS community at the outset. On August 21st, when TOADS launches, and the market reevaluates its price due to the materialization of passive income streams, many will be priced out of $TOADS ownership. Join the presale today, front-run the launch on Uniswap, the launch on centralized exchanges, and start earning $TOADS today!

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