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Electroneum Price Remains Stable as Number of Mobile Miners Increases Sharply

There appears to be a genuine lack of excitement in the cryptocurrency industry as of right now.  With none of the main markets effectively making a significant move, there are a lot of uncertain factors to keep an eye on. As far as the Electroneum price is concerned, things are not looking bad or good right now. A status quo ensues, which is often better than unwarranted volatility.

Electroneum Price Remains Rather Stable

A fair few interesting developments have taken place in the land of Electroneum over the past few weeks. By officially launching the mobile mining app on iOS and Android, as well as joining the GSMA advisory board, a firm step in the right direction has been taken. However, it seems most of these developments have not affected the market value in the slightest.

Over the past 24 hours, that status quo hasn’t changed much either. The Electroneum price lost 0.02% in USD value and gained 0.05% in Bitcoin value. As such, the actual price seems to hold its own at $0.006436, or 167 Satoshi without too many problems. These developments are not necessarily inspiring, but still noteworthy.

On social media, there is no lack of excitement when it comes to Electroneum. WALLSt is looking forward to the upcoming battle between Electroneum and XRP. It seems this Tweet pertains to the future market valuation of both projects. As such, Electroneum should gain value or XRP will collapse. Either development would be rather intriguing, although the latter seems the most improbable of the two.


The launch of the mobile mining application has seemingly gotten a lot of people excited. CryptoMan976 confirms over 15,000 new signups were recorded since the Mobile World Congress 2019 event. With the total now climbing above $130,500, it seems things are looking relatively good for ETN in this regard.

Crypto Steem Man is one of those people who likes to accumulate large amounts of coins when the markets turn bearish. This approach can usually help bring down the average cost of one’s portfolio, although the potential profit waiting to be pocketed may not be too significant either.

While the Electroneum value seems to be content with this state of affairs, it seems unlikely no changes should be expected in the future. All of the developments behind the scenes pave the way for interesting price shifts at some point in the future. Reclaiming the $0.007 level will be very difficult right now, although nothing is impossible in the cryptocurrency industry these days.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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