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Endless Dice dApp Review – Why Is It the #1 Most Popular Gambling dApp?

Endless Dice is a gambling dApp based on the EOS blockchain that features a simple dice game. Dice games have been popular in the cryptocurrency community because of the simplicity of the game and its transparency. Turning a crypto dice game into a dApp is the next logical step in taking advantage of blockchain technology. Let’s take a close look at Endless Dice and see why it’s the most popular gambling dApp right now.

What Is a Cryptocurrency Dice Game?

As mentioned in our Top Bitcoin Casinos article:

“Dice games are usually very simple odd based games. Most of the time they are dice games where you choose a number and roll the dice, if you get a favorable result you win, otherwise you lose. Most of the time the house edge is very small for dice games (1-2%) and there are a variety of options when it comes to the amount of risk you would like to take.

Moreover, most if not all cryptocurrency dice games are provably fair – Endless Dice included. Meaning you can verify the validity and fairness of any bet to ensure that the house hasn’t cheated you.”

Getting Started

Because Endless Dice runs on the EOS blockchain, you have to install a compatible wallet to interact with it. Similar to how Ethereum has Metamask, EOS has Scatter.

Scatter is an EOS wallet similar to how Metamask is an Ethereum wallet. However, Scatter isn’t a chrome extension, it comes as its own application that you need to install. For a full tutorial on how to setup Scatter and your EOS accounts check out my write up on How to Setup Scatter and Start Interacting With EOS dApps.

Setting Up Your Account

Once Scatter is setup and running in the background, you can go to endless.game and get started.

Hit the login button to connect your scatter account to the dApp.

endless dice

Endless.Dice Dashboardendless.game

On the left hand side you will notice there is an option for Poker, Lottery and Crash. Those are other games which are all part of Endless Games.

There is also the Exchange which lets you buy and sell ET (Endless Tokens), which are the dApp’s native tokens. The only way to obtain ET is either by playing Endless Dice games or buying them on the exchange.

You will also find a Chest button, this will allow you to open a chest every seven and a half hours for a chance to win some EOS. The Chest is essentially an EOS faucet which you can drink from once every seven and a half hours.endless.game dice chest

The Game

The actual dice game is pretty simple. You can choose which currency to use for betting. For your actual bet, there is a slider. The slider is your prediction of how high the dice will roll. The dice can go from 0-100, if you choose 50 that will give you an even payout of 1 EOS, assuming you bet 0.5. The higher the bet the more chances you have of winning which gives you a smaller payout, the smaller the bet the higher the risk and the reward.

endless dice winning

As you keep betting, regardless if you win or not you will acquire ET. Having that extra token is one thing that makes this dice game unique over other simpler crypto dice casinos. Acquiring ET almost make you feel that much better when you lose, as if it wasn’t a total waste.

Special Mentions

There are two more awesome features introduced by Endless Games. Dividend pool and Staking your ET. The dividend pool comprises of game profits which are distributed to users.

endless games staking

You can only participate in the dividend pool if you stake your ET tokens – which you get by playing the game. The amount of dividend you get depends on how much ET you’ve staked. This means the more you play the more of a bonus you can get from the pool.

Why is this the most popular Gaming dApp?

What makes Endless Dice special? Why is it the most popular gambling and gaming dApp not only on the EOS blockchain, but on Ethereum as well?

If you look at State of the dApps, you will notice that while Endless Dice has over 17,000 registered users, the volume is abysmal. Dapp365 which has less that a third amount of users, registered over $350k in volume in the past 7 days!

This could mean one thing, Endless Dice doesn’t really have over 17k daily users. According to State of the dApps, the way unique users are calculated is: “unique source addresses in transactions to DApp contracts

Looking at Endless Dice’s contract addresses I couldn’t find where all the activity was coming from. I was stumped to I turned to the reddit gods for help. prl_lover from r/EOS came to the rescue and led me to the answer:

“Endless dice has a free ‘chest’ that you can open daily for a reward (0.02% chance of 10 EOS)”

Remember the chest I mentioned earlier that’s essentially an EOS faucet. What’s happening is thousands of bots are opening those chests thereby inflating the user count.

If you think about, that’s an extremely smart marketing move on Endless Dice’s part. Run an EOS faucet to rank higher on dApp ranking platforms.


My first reaction to reviewing another dice game wasn’t very exciting, but I just had to find out why was this was the most popular gaming dApp. After realizing that Endless Dice user count was inflated, instead of losing respect for them I gained respect for realizing Endless Games’ smart marketing tactic. Moreover, the gambling experience was extremely pleasant and the addition of the ET token was the cherry on top.

If you’re a fan of crypto dice games then you have to check out Endless Dice. It’s definitely the best crypto dice game I’ve tried so far.

As good as the game was, we couldn’t give it a full 5/5 rating because of the 2% house edge. In a perfect world Endless Dice wouldn’t have any house edge at all, but the game has to make money somehow. If Endless Dice had a 0% house edge this review would get a perfect rating.

If you want me to review any specific dApp please let me know in the comment section below or tweet me @maratarguinbaev

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