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Facebook Employee Exposes Financial Details of 29,000 Colleagues

Facebook tends to make a lot of headlines for the wrong reasons. This time is no different, as a data theft event affects roughly 29,000 employees’ data.

It would appear that the social media giant has a data breach on its hand with quite a big impact.

Another PR Nightmare for Facebook

The personal financial information of up to 29,000 current and former employees in the US has been compromised.

Unlike what one would assume, this is not the result of a cyber attack.

Instead, someone stole corporate hard drives from an employee’s car in November of 2019.

All of the hard drives were left unencrypted, giving easy access to the sensitive information stored on them. 

Among the information stolen are bank account numbers, partial social security numbers, and employee names.

All of this information can either be sold on the darknet or used to facilitate social engineering attacks. 

This is another crucial example of how Facebook handles personal information, even of its own employees.

Albeit no user information has been obtained, this entire debacle puts even more pressure on the social media giant.

Employees affected by this data leak were only notified today, nearly one full month after the hard drives were stolen.

The employee who had the disks stolen from their car wasn’t even supposed to take the drives outside the office. 

It is unclear if the individual handled by accident or simply attempted to harm the company and its employees.

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