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Facebook Wanted to Obtain iOS Spyware From NSO Group in 2017

Facebook does not have the best reputation when it comes to respecting privacy. Recently leaked information by NSO Group shows the social media giant was very interested in an iOS spyware application.

NSO Group is a well-known group in the technology space.

Facebook had its eye on iOS Spyware

The team has been active in terms of spreading spyware through WhatsApp.

One of their tools is dubbed Pegasus, capable of spying on iOS users and their activity.

No legitimate company or service provider would have any use for such spyware.

That makes it all the more interesting to learn how Facebook was interested in obtaining Pegasus.

For Facebook, it would give the company even more sensitive user data.

How that information would be used by the company, remains to be determined.

Two of Facebook’s representatives allegedly approached NSO in October 2017 in an effort to purchase the rights to use specific aspects of Pegasus.

It would appear that the representatives worried about being less successful in gathering user data from Apple devices compared to Android counterparts.

At one time, Facebook was willing to pay a monthly fee to NSO, albeit that offer was declined.

It is evident that the social media giant still doesn’t have the user’s best interest at heart in 2020. 

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