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Former Coinbase Exec Gets Appointed by Steven Mnuchin

The cryptocurrency industry tends to attract a lot of attention from different industries. Brian Brooks, the  most recent Coinbase Chief Legal Officer, has been appointed as one of the US’ top banking regulators. 

An overlap between the financial and cryptocurrency industry has existed for some time now.

Former Coinbase Exec to Oversee Banks

More often than not, people leave the financial sector to explore a job in crypto.

This time around, Brian Brooks is making the opposite move.

The former Coinbase Chief Legal Officer will oversee the US Treasury’s banking system.

He will fill the role of CEO and First Deputy Comptroller of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

For those unfamiliar with the OCC, it is the primary regulator of banks and federal savings associations in the United States.

Having a former cryptocurrency company employee oversee banks is rather interesting.

Some enthusiasts expect this to be a bullish sign for cryptocurrencies.

Whether that will be the case, remains to be determined.

For now, the United States hasn’t shown any real interest in cryptocurrencies in a positive manner.

Only time will tell what the future will hold for this industry in the United States.

This may also yield some very interesting changes for Coinbase as  a company.


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