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Washington DC Clamps Down on Social Activity due to the Novel Coronavirus

It has been coming for some time now, but Washington DC is clamping down on social life as well. The novel coronavirus outbreak genuinely has officials concerned, warranting some rather invasive countermeasures.

The news regarding Washington DC has been coming for a while now.

Ending Social Gathering on Washington DC

Similar to measures taken in other states and counties, most social gatherings will come to a temporary end.

This includes shutting down restaurants, bars, and clubs.

All of these venues were closed at 10 p.m, on Monday and will not reopen for some time to come.

As far as restaurants are concerned, they can still provide take-out and delivery for the foreseeable future.

Although these measures may seem invasive, the current COVID-19 pandemic certainly warrants this approach.

For now, all of the measures will apply between now and April 1, 2020.

It seems likely to assume that this deadline will be extended until at least May and possibly even June.

With over 4,800 infections in the US and several dozen deaths, this cautious approach to social gathering is the only viable option.

Across America, all citizens are asked to avoid groups of more than 10 people for now.

Whether the population will comply with these requirements, is a different matter altogether. 

Getting people to respect these rules has been a problem around the globe.

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