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Government Officials in Russia Allegedly Sell Access to Moscow’s CCTV Infrastructure

Most technology-related news coming out of Russia will not be positive. New research confirms access to Moscow’s surveillance system can be purchased for very little money.

The things one can buy on online forums and messenger groups are absolutely astonishing, but not in a positive manner.

Making Extra Money in Russia

It turns out anyone with cash to burn can hook into Moscow’s surveillance system.

By gaining access, users will have access to tens of thousands of cameras, and footage stored on servers over the days prior.

Moscow is one of the cities with a high density of CCTV cameras, as 175,000 of these devices are found throughout Russia’s capital.

Several thousand cameras are also linked to a facial recognition tool set, which was introduced back in 2017.

Interestingly enough, access to these servers is not sold by hackers or criminals.

Instead, the people upholding the security of Russia are the ones trying to make a quick buck – or ruble.

Law enforcement individuals and government bureaucrats in Russia all have access to Moscow’s surveillance system.

They can generate a unique link to the CCTV system that will work for five days.

If that link is shared – or sold – to others, anyone can gain access to this data accordingly.

It takes roughly $470 to spy on citizens in Russia, which is a rather low price considering what one gets in return. 

It is unclear if this system can be accessed by users who do not reside in Russia despite having a valid access link.


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