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TheLitecoinApp Turns one Year old and is Still Free of Charge

Although Litecoin is often criticized for a lack of development, the community tends to come up with new solutions. One user has developed TheLitecoinApp, which gives users access to everything Litecoin-related.

Although one could easily find Litecoin-related resources online, having them all in one app adds a degree of convenience.

TheLitecoinApp is a Great Addition

As part of TheLitecoinApp, users can check prices, keep up with events, read the latest news, and experience different types of content.

This application can be downloaded on mobile devices running either iOS or Android software, and comes at no cost.

Interestingly enough, this application has been around for a year and never received that much attention.

It is a great way to get people interested about Litecoin, or keep existing community members up to date.

Especially directions to the nearest cryptocurrency ATM supporting Litecoin will be of great value to a lot of users.

It is also not an app that is officially developed by the Litecoin Foundation, but that is of little concern.

Since the app costs no money and doesn’t include advertisements, there is no financial gain for the developer whatsoever.

Community efforts like these can often go a very long way in keeping a cryptocurrency relevant and of interest to newcomers.

TheLitecoinApp is certainly an exciting offering, and one that deserves a bit of attention from all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 


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