Grab $120 Bonus plus 60% Commission When You Trade on BTCMEX

Crypto trading has come a long way since the launch of the first digital exchanges. Initially only dealing in crypto-to-crypto pairs, stablecoins boosted the market by providing traders an investment parking method to protect themselves from price fluctuations. The next big step in the crypto trading industry came with derivatives.

BTCMEX: Maximize Leverage

BTCMEX is a crypto derivatives exchange that offers its users the opportunity to use advanced leveraging to maximize potential profits. The exchange opened its doors to traders recently, but in a few months, it is already witnessing USD 50,000,000 in daily trading volume. This success is due to the exchange offering advanced features such as:

  • 100X BTC/USD Perpetuals: Users can leverage their investments by a hundred times to maximize profits.
  • 24/7 Multilingual Customer Support: BTCMEX users can contact the exchange at any time should they face an issue. BTCMEX understands that it has a global trove of users and as such offers multiple languages so that users can easily convey their issues and get these resolved.
  • 100% Uptime: Using a unique combination of Hot Fix to protect the exchange in real time and off-site backup systems for the exchange, BTCMEX boasts an uptime that is 100%.
  • High Speed: The exchange ensures that there are no lags in trading with an ultra high speed of 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) per trading pair. In combination with this, BTCMEX has an extremely low latency of 1ms.
  • Multi-Signature Cold Wallets: User assets are kept safe in cold wallets, meaning they are offline and cannot be remotely accessed. Cold wallets are further secured with multiple signatures, ensuring that even if one password is stolen, the funds are still secure.
  • Trading Education: Developed for the advanced and novice traders, BTCMEX has established an education platform that users can visit and learn about cryptocurrencies and the tools of the trade.

Bonuses and Affiliations

New users who sign up on BTCMEX exchange can take advantage of the Bonus Program and grab up to USD 120 for free. USD 10 are offered as Ignition Trading Bonus for users follow and retweet BTCMEX handle, @btcmexglobal. The first deposit (minimum 0.1 BTC) will see users getting a Booster Bonus of USD 50. Another USD 60 Nitro Bonus can be availed if the initial deposit exceeds 0.3 BTC. All in all, USD 120 await traders on the exchange.

By becoming an affiliate, users can grab up to 60% commissions on direct traffic generated, while indirect traffic from down chain sub-affiliates will still result in a 20% commission.

Launched by Li Xiaolai, one of the most famous crypto investors in ChinA, BTCMEX is a crypto derivatives exchange that offers traders of all kinds to gain profits by using its advanced financial and technical features.

The USD 120 bonus and commissions can be obtained by signing up on the BTCMEX exchange now!

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