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Thousands of Cannabis Users in the US Fall Victim to a Data Breach

Data breaches have become a very common occurrence. The latest development in this space exposes personal information of over 30,000 cannabis users across the US.

It is only the latest data breach in a growing list.

A Serious Problem for American Cannabis Users

Customers from multiple US marijuana dispensaries are the most recent victims

Interestingly enough, their information was stolen from a software company.

The information obtained includes IDs, phone numbers, and addresses.

So far it is expected that over 30,000 people are affected, albeit that may not be the final tally. 

The data breach in question affects THSuite, a point-of-sale software company.

It is a payment solution utilized by multiple marijuana dispensaries in the US today.

This further confirms why relying on third parties who store sensitive data is always a bad idea. 

Especially for cannabis users, this creates a very big problem.

As the information was dumped on the internet, no one knows exactly how it will be used or abused.

It is true that cannabis dispensaries need to collect a lot of sensitive information due to state laws.

As such, they also risk having this information exposed by the service providers facilitating these aspects.

It appears that THSuite did not encrypt the database in any way either, which isn’t helping matter much.


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