gta online lampadati komoda review

GTA ONLINE Car Review – Lampadati Komoda

Welcome to another GTA Online Car Review. Today we are taking a look at the brand new Lampadati Komoda – released on December 12th with the Casino Heist DLC.

You can purchase the Komoda from Legendary Motorsport either for the full price of $1.7 million, or if you’ve completed the Diamond Casino Heist finale with the Komoda, you can snag it up for $1.275 million.

This vehicle is modeled after the Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio with a mix of the BMW 3 and 5 series. It’s a rear wheel drive Luxury Sedan packing a powerful V8 engine.

Let’s head over to the vehicle workshop and go over the available customization for the Komoda.

Armor and Brake upgrades are standard with full armor upgrade costing $50k and Race Brakes costing $35k.

For the bumpers, we have options for both the front and the rear. Looking at the Front bumpers, there are 13 different options. My personal favorite is the Primary Extended Splitter which gives the car an aggressive look without making it look like a ricer.

For the rear, we only have five different customization options. I went with the stock rear bumper because the side fins that come with the other bumpers, in my opinion ruin the look of the car.

Engine upgrades are once again standard with a Stage 4 tune costing $33.5k.

Moving on to the exhaust and we have 5 different options. Most of the exhausts look pretty solid, I went with the Stock Exhaust because I like the minimalistic look.

When it comes to the hood of the car, we have 18 different options! The Komoda has a selection of some pretty awesome hoods which all look awesome. I went with the Primary Midle Intake because the grill on the hood matches the front. The High Performance Hood is another favorite of mine which is pretty unique to this car.

The Horn and the lights options are standard. If you want special colored headlights you have to take your vehicle to the Arena Workshop, which you first have to purchase.

Now to the Livery. We have 11 different options. I went with no Liveries because I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the Liveries and like the clean look of the car. Overall I’m a bit disappointed with the Liveries for this car.

Loss/Theft Prevention is also standard, so we will skip over that.

For the Mirrors we have 3 different options, none of which change the design, they only change the color.

We have a unique customization option for this car, which are the mudguards. Usually mudguards are for rally cards, so it’s surprising to see R* added the option for this Sedan. There are 3 options for mudguards all of which feature the same design but offer either a Primary, Secondary, or Black color selection.

The plate options are also standard, with 5 different designs. We all know yello on black is the way to go.

Respray is once again standard, with the crew emblem appearing on the front driver and passenger doors of the Komoda.

Moving on we also have 12 options for the roof. For the love of god, please don’t select the roof with the Vortex Fins… It ruins the high end look of the car and just doesn’t look good…

Now onto the Skirts. We have 19 options for the skirts featuring different sizes and offsets. I went with the Primary Sports Skirt because it fills out the body of the car without looking too obnoxious. If you’re going for that Ricer look, make sure to put on the Ridged Skirt. These Skirts are so god damn big that it looks like the car has wings underneath.

For the Spoiler we have a whopping 25 different options! Again, if you’re going for the Fast and Furious look you already know you gotta have that GT Spoiler. I went with the Short Lip Spoiler because I actually respect this car.

The suspension on this car is standard with 5 different options. I would definitely go with the Competition Suspension which lowers the car the most.

The suspension options are very unique on this car. Usually, most people drop the suspension of the car as low as possible. However, for the Rebla GTS the lower the suspension goes the more camber you will see on both the rear and front wheels.

Once again, transmission and Turbo is standard with Race Transmission costing $40k and Turbo Tuning for $50k.

Wheel and tire options are also standard. I went with the High End Black Chromatic Z rims which are my go to rims for most cars.

Windows are also standard, with me obviously going for the Limo option.

Let’s take this car on a test drive and see how it performs.

Right off the bat, this car is extremely fun to drift. The combination of rear wheel drive and extra weight of the Sedan, make it extremely easy to disengage the rear wheels.

Keep in mind though, because of how much power this car has, it will easily spin out. It’s not forgiving at all and if you try drifting at high speeds you’re gonna have a bad time…

The Komoda has a very pleasant sounding exhaust note, similar to that of the XA21. It’s extremely fun to drive because of how unpredictable the rear end is.

Overall there’s no reason for anybody to get this car unless you have extra cash to spend. There are better Sports Class vehicles out there such as the Itali GTO and the Ocelot Pariah. However, if you’re looking to mob with your crew mates in style, then you might want to think about this luxury Sedan.

Thank you all for watching this video and I hope it gave you some insight into the Komoda. If you liked this video please make sure to slap that like button. Let’s see if we can get to 5 likes!

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