Pirate Chain Developers Unveil Privacy-Oriented OS for Crypto Usrs

Cryptocurrency users are actively looking for ways to gain more privacy. The new operating system launched by Pirate Chain may have some merit in this regard.

It is rather uncommon to see altcoin projects work on a native operating system.

Pirate OS has Arrived, Matey!

Earlier this week, Pirate OS was officially introduced to the cryptocurrency community.

This privacy-oriented and bootable system can run from any USB drive, making it perfect for plug-and-play testing. 

This new operating system is based on openSUSE, although most of the code has been rewritten from scratch.

It offers native Tor support, as well as a way to easily connect to VPN services.

There is also a built-in Pirate Chain wallet to provide more privacy, security, and anonymity to cryptocurrency users.

It is not unlike other OSes that favor privacy, however.

To unlock its full potential, users need to have some understanding of what the other features provide

MAC address spoofing, for example, lets users gain more anonymity on local networks.

There is also native drive encryption, forcing users to unlock drive access through a password.

Despite providing plenty of functionality, it is still a a barebones operating system that can be customized as users see fit.

It is an open source project, after all. 


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