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GTA ONLINE Car Review – Ubermacht Rebla GTS

Welcome back to another GTA Online Car Review. Today we are looking at the brand new Ubermacht Rebla GTS.

Ubermacht Rebla GTS

This vehicle was was released with the brand new casino heist dlc on December 12th. The car was modeled after the 4th generation 2018+ BMW X5. The resemblance is most seen with the classic BMW headlights and taillights. This is a V8 powered All Wheel Drive 4 seater SUV that’s definitely one of the best looking off road vehicles in the game.

Rebla GTS Customizations

Let’s head over to the vehicle workshop and go over the available customization for the Rebla GTS.

Armor and Brake upgrades are standard with full armor upgrade costing $50k and Race Brakes costing $35k.

For the bumpers, we have options for both the front and the rear. Looking at the Front bumpers, there are 9 different options. My personal favorite is the carbon aftermarket splitter which makes the car look more aggressive without looking too tacky.

For the rear, we only have four different customization options. I went with the Carbon Rear Bumper to match my primary color.

Engine upgrades are once again standard with a Stage 4 tune costing $33.5k.

Moving on to the exhaust and we have 8 different options. I went with the Oval Exhausts to try and match the original X5’s rear exhaust. Another personal favorite of mine is the Titanium Twin Bore Exhausts, the quad pipes look awesome on this car.

Next are Fenders, we have 8 different options. The Wide Fenders are the way to go on this car as they match well with the rear wheel camber which we will get to when modifying our suspension.

On the front of the car we can modify the Grille. There are 10 options for the grill, none of which match the original X5’s grille – for obvious reasons…

I went with the Carbon Roadster Grille which is the closest matching option for the original dual vertical grille on the X5.

When it comes to the hood of the car, we have 14 different options. There are some great designs available which make the car look quite aggressive. Since we are trying to replicate the original X5 I went with the Ridgeline Hood which is the closest design to the original.

The Horn and the lights options are standard. If you want special colored headlights you have to take your vehicle to the Arena Workshop, which you first have to purchase.

Now to the Livery. We have 11 different options. I went with no Liveries as I’m going with a clean black and white look.

Loss/Theft Prevention is also standard, so we will skip over that.

For the Mirrors we have 3 different options, none of which change the design, they only change the color.

The plate options are also standard, with 5 different designs. We all know yello on black is the way to go.

Respray is once again standard, with the crew emblem appearing on the hood of the Rebla GTS.

Moving on we also have 3 options for the roof, similar to the Mirrors these options only change the color of the panel.

Now onto the Skirts. We have 9 options for the skirts, all of which have extremely subtle differences in design. I went with the Carbon Aftermarket Skirts to match the other carbon fiber panels on the car.

For the Spoiler we have 9 different options as well. Thankfully, none of the options feature an obnoxious spoiler like the GT Wing. I went with the Carbon Competition Spoiler to match our carbon theme.

The suspension options are very unique on this car. Usually, most people drop the suspension of the car as low as possible. However, for the Rebla GTS the lower the suspension goes the more camber you will see on both the rear and front wheels.

Originally I had Competition suspension on the car, but after driving it for some time the camber seemed to be way too much and made the car look ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love camber. Which is why I went with the Sport Suspension. To me it has just the right amount of camber without looking like a ricer.

The next option is the vortex generators, these sound fancy but really are just Roof Antennas. Don’t let the fancy name fool you into thinking this car has some magical boost. I obviously went for the carbon option to match the roof.

Once again, transmission and Turbo is standard with Race Transmission costing $40k and Turbo Tuning for $50k.

Wheel and tire options are also standard. I went with the High End Black Chromatic Z to match the original BMW wheels.

Windows are also standard, with me going for the Limo option.

More Info

Let’s take this car on a test drive and see how it performs.

The Rebla GTS has a few handling flags worth mentioning. It does have the “Is Offroad Vehicle” and the “Is Bulky” flags which are pretty standard for SUVs.

What enables the Camber when lowering the suspension is the “Increase Camber With Suspension Mod” flag. If you are a car collector who has a garage full of cambered cars, make sure to snag the Rebla when it goes on sale.

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