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Halloween Coin (HALLO) – The Ghastly Themed Altcoin

In the world of cryptocurrency, a lot of projects are created for a very specific purpose. Halloween Coin was primarily created to celebrate Halloween in 2017, even though it seems this altcoin is still getting a bit of attention this year.

The Story of Halloween Coin to Date

Although there is some merit to themed cryptocurrencies, most of these projects simply do not work out all that well. Tying an entire project to a specific time of year or once-in-a-lifetime event will not necessarily generate a lot of buzz afterward. In the case of Halloween Coin ($HALLO), its exact purpose has always been a bit unclear. It all dates back to the official announcement date of the “relaunched” coin.  

More specifically, Halloween Coin was introduced (again) in April of 2017. That is over six months ahead of the actual Halloween event, making it a somewhat unusual project first and foremost. Moreover, this project was initially abandoned by a different developer further confirming it was never designed to be a long-term project whatsoever. It is a rather common trend among altcoins, as most ventures never reach their first birthday.

Because of the relaunched currency, users of the previously known Halloween Coin were forced to go through a wallet upgrade. While that is usually a fairly painless process, it seems this particular development caused some initial dismay among the users. Even so, a soft fork seemed more than necessary to continue developing this project altogether.

The new developer initially outlined a roadmap for future developments. That list includes mobile wallets, commerce applications, and giveaways. Not much has come of this project ever since though, primarily because it seems there is only one person working on this project who isn’t even a coder himself.

In an update shared in June of 2018, the Halloween Coin developer indicated a new wallet client was in the works. It should be released by the time Halloween comes around, although there isn’t much time left in this regard. As such, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for Halloween Coin.

Interestingly enough, Halloween Coin is still traded on CoinExchange in this day and age. It doesn’t generate any real volume, and the circulating HALLO supply is impossible to guesstimate at this point. Even so, someone is trying to generate some buzz for this altcoin with Halloween 2018 just around the corner. It is possible this coin will make a spooky comeback over the next week.

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