Holo Price Bullrun Continues as Currency Gains Traction in Turkey

These past few days have been very interesting for many different cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets. Although one would have expected the Holo price to continue its bull run, that ultimately did not happen. In fact, a steep correction was noted, followed by what seems to be yet another push toward a potential new all-time high.

Holo Price Tries to Turn Bullish Again

These past few hours have resulted in a fair amount of bearish pressure for Holo. Especially when considering the good run this altcoin had over the week prior, this most recent downturn was a bit surprising. More specifically, few people anticipated a drop to below 30 Satoshi in such quick succession, but that is what ultimately happened. Even so, it quickly became apparent there would be another leg up later on, even if it was just temporary.

It would appear this new uptrend is already shaping up as of right now. More specifically,  there has been a 6.2% increase in USD value over the past 24 hours, pushing the price back to $0.001166. Additionally, Holo also gained 6.5% over Bitcoin and 7.7% over Ethereum. All of these signs are very positive, although sustaining the uptrend will also be troublesome in many different ways. After all, there is plenty of bearish pressure across all other markets.

An interesting image has surfaced on Twitter, depicting how the Distributed Hashtable will work under the hood. Although this is a pretty telling graphic, the end user may not necessarily notice all of these intricacies moving forward. Even so, it does illustrate the correlation between how different projects and blockchains will interact with this infrastructure moving forward. It certainly seems to be getting a few people excited right now.


Another interesting trend is how Holo is seemingly quite popular in Turkey as of late. A lot of price speculation charts are shared by Turkish users on Twitter, which shows the currency has gained some traction in that part of the world. The chart outlined by Ahmet Solmaz seems pretty interesting, although this user expects a price drop to the 26 Satoshi range in the near future.

A similar chart is shared by Ryan, who is quite pleased with how Holo has delivered a lot of profit in recent weeks. More specifically, the low Satoshi value of Holo is pretty interesting, because even a 1 Satoshi gain would allow for some pretty quick and steep gains in the process. As such, there is still some good money to be made in this regard, although one has to ensure the buy orders are placed low enough.


When looking at the bigger picture, it seems things will get very interesting for Holo in many different ways.  Although it remains to be seen how high the value can go in the coming hours and days, there isn’t necessarily any reason not to chase some quick profits over the weekend. As all markets turn bearish, finding new ways to make money with cryptocurrency is a logical solution. There is still a chance the Holo value will plummet significantly, though.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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