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Hong Kong Looks to UAE for Crypto Regulation Partnership

The relationship between China and cryptocurrencies has always been concerning for investors. China is among the leading super-power countries, and its regulations on crypto have affected the market in the long run. However, China seeks a new regulation partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

The UAE has also been making strides in the crypto world, and the intended partnership might reshape the entire industry. Whether the regulations will positively or negatively impact the crypto space remains unknown. Still, solid, reliable players like Avorak are on their way to the top, as these regulations might leniently affect the advanced decentralized platform.

China Crypto Status

China’s relationship with cryptocurrencies has been tumultuous as the region has imposed various crypto regulations over the years. The country began its crackdown on crypto back in 2013 and banned initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2017, limiting domestic crypto trading.

Regardless, China has been a key player in crypto as it is among the leading crypto miners globally. Despite China’s input in digital currencies, it is further seeking cryptocurrency regulation partnerships in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Avorak also seems to have sparked up conversations amid China’s plans and is on the way to first adoption in China if the regulations are in its favor.

China’s Crypto Regulation 

The ban on crypto in China still stands, but this has yet to halt enthusiasts from trading on offshore exchanges. Moreover, the ban on crypto and other regulations set on digital currencies has affected the crypto market. However, new players like Avorak are still on their way to mainstream adoption due to their vast utility.

Trading cryptocurrencies in China is possible, but using digital currencies as alternatives to fiat currencies is illegal. However, China is seen making proactive steps towards cryptocurrencies as it recently announced the launch of its digital currency, the digital yuan. The event will leap into crypto development ideas as the country adopts its own digital currency.

Avorak Riding the Storm

Avorak is an advanced platform that leverages artificial intelligence to drive insights. The decentralized project has an extensive use case in the financial and healthcare sectors. Anyone can trade cryptocurrencies using Avorak AI and get accurate market insights using its Avorak Write features. 

These recommendations are customizable and tailored based on machine learning and displaying insights in human-like conversation. This has boosted its platform and, in turn, increased its adoption.

The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) launched a regulatory framework, including crypto guidelines for exchanging and trading digital assets. Hong Kong has also taken strides in crypto as China approved crypto plans in the region.

Consequently, Hong Kong has targeted the UAE in new regulation recommendations that might restructure the digital currency community. Hong Kong seeks to utilize the frameworks set by DIFC that would also allow players like Avorak to leverage the framework in offering services to UAE crypto enthusiasts.


Crypto regulation has been a limitation in adopting crypto assets in China. However, recent discussions on regulatory partnerships with the UAE might change the reflection of cryptocurrencies. The crypto-friendly regulations in the UAE and the crypto plans in Hong Kong could allow Avorak to soar to new heights in the crypto space and adoption in China.

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