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How Are Odds Offered on Crypto Sportsbooks

When placing wagers on sports, it is essential to have an understanding of the odds. Regardless of your betting platform, the odds are integral parts of betting. For any casino, whether traditional or online casinos reviewed by CryptoBetting, the payout of your wager depends on the odds and bets.

Here, we shall closely look at odds, types, and why many crypto sportsbooks have different odds for the same outcome.

Definition of Odds

In betting, sportsbooks use the odds for two specific purposes. The first is to calculate the payout of wagers and the second is to determine the outcome of events.

When a player wagers with a sportsbook, the player will receive the odds for that time. These odds have a direct impact on the winnings. The higher the odds, the higher your winning on your stake.

For example, imagine a match where the best player pits against the 129th player. It is only reasonable to think the best player will win the game. Therefore, wagering on the best player will have lower odds. But, if a player wagers on the opponent, the odds are higher.

Types of odds

The principle and explanation behind the odds are pretty straightforward. However, the concept is not as simple as it is because of the types of odds present. There are three formats of odds are they are;

  • American/Money line odds
  • Fractional odds
  • Decimal odds

Each of these formats appears several times. So, bettors will at some point come across all three forms. The three of them work in the same pattern, but the difference is in the expression of each wager.

  • American/Moneyline odds

Just as the name implies, American/Moneyline odds are standard formats in the United States. Sportsbooks can display the odds as a negative or positive number.

A negative number will tell players how much they need to get to win $100. On the other hand, a positive number expresses how much of a wager $100 can win.

For instance, if there’s an odd of -200, it means players will have to stake $200 to get a $100 win in addition to $200. However, if it was +200, it means that $100 will give you $200 in addition to the initial $100.

  • Fractional odds

Fractional odds are the standard format the United Kingdom uses. This format is very tricky to use when calculating payouts and profits, but it is not too complicated. Just like Moneyline odds, fractional odds tell you the profit you stand to make with each bet. To calculate the total payout, a player adds his original wager.

Just as the name implies, the odds present themselves as fractions. For example, 4/1 is “four to one,” 3/1 is “three to one,” and so on.

  • Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are a standard format in Canada, Australia, and Europe. This format has become the standard for several online bookmakers. Sportsbooks use the format because it is straightforward to read and express.

Who sets the odds for sportsbooks?

  • Odd makers

Casinos, sportsbooks, and bookies provide odds for several sporting events. The question is, how do they conclude on the number and price to offer?

This is where we introduce the odd makers. Oddsmakers are present in every organization that seeks to offer odds. The group consists of skilled individuals that deal with technical issues involving statistics and data collation. The coalition consists of previous outcomes, historical information, and other statistics that can determine possible outcomes.

Among the individuals, there is a head that decides on the final odds offered to players.

  • Algorithm

When compiling odds, odd makers make use of Algorithms. Algorithms are mathematical formulas that evaluate and organize the data given to solve complicated questions. The finance industry uses algorithms; however, the betting industry has introduced them into sports betting.

To derive their solutions, algorithms gather raw data and compile it. It does the same thing for sports betting. The data imputed can be in several means. For example:

  • Time possession
  • Percentage of home winning
  • Third down conversion rate
  • Percentage of road winning and others

Once these data are input into the algorithm, the system processes the numbers and gives a specific answer.

Why odds vary in bookmakers

For bets on sporting events, players will see several bookmakers that offer different odds for the same bet. For instance, you might see a football team at +120 to win a match while another sportsbook will offer +110.

It is now common knowledge that the odds predict the likelihood of an event happening. However, the odds also depend on the view of the sportsbook. Predicting an event does not follow a general routine; as such, different sportsbooks predict differently.

Therefore, the odds will vary because not all sportsbooks will view the outcome in the same manner. The odds of a game also depend on other external factors like money in a particular market.

With this, it is possible that the odds a sportsbook set is not a hundred percent accurate. Therefore, players can also put the odds in their favor when placing bets. If you are vigilant and pay close attention to detail, you might be able to predict the outcome of a game correctly. Though it is not easy, this skill can help you earn a significant amount of cash as a punter.

The meaning of the “best” odds

Several things affect the odds of a particular game. Simple actions, a change of participants, or even the playing conditions can move the odds in or against your favor. Finding the best odds is not an easy feat, but it is achievable through extensive research. When it comes to Sportsbet, watching the actual game can also influence you to place favorable bets.


Odds are an essential part of every sports betting casino that punters should understand. When punters ignore the odds, it is as good as missing the bets they place. The odds can also determine the number of winnings on a bet. In short, the odds are the “price” of a wager.

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